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Star Micronics a leading manufacturer of mobile, point-of-sale (POS),and customer engagement technologies, is proud to announce the extension of their mUnite tablet stand line. Star has added nine new attractive,ultra-modern stand solutions to their ever-expanding portfolio. With two kiosk models, four mounts, and three countertop solutions, Star has met market demand head-on.

For an attractive, sleek addition to your POS countertop, the mUnite EZPOS helps lessen unnecessary bulkiness while providing a stable,secure surface for any Star printer or cash drawer. The mUnite EZ3 and EZ100 perfectly house the popular mC-Print3 and TSP100 series printers respectively.Their cutting-edge design keeps cables off of the checkout counter, giving a clean, fresh presentation to customers.

The modern space-saving design of the mUnite Tri-Mount Stand secures three tablets to one area, greatly reducing clutter and adding much-needed protection and stability. Especially in busy back-of-house operations, this stand is ideal for delivery apps and takeout. The compact,modern Wall Mount discreetly and conveniently affixes to most walls, great for conferences, hotel check-ins, gyms, or any other self-service functions.

The mUnite Mount 7 and Mount 18 are attractive, streamlined alternatives to clunky stands and computer monitors, attaching to most countertops at 7-inches and 18-inches in height respectively. These mounted stands are also perfect for self-service and contactless ordering. Star’s kiosk solutions boast an attractive and minimalist, yet sturdy design, perfect for retail display or customer check-ins. The mUnite Floor Kiosk Stand stands on its own at 4-feet in height, while the EZ Desk Kiosk Stand sits neatly on any countertop. The weighted bottoms keep the stands in place, but can easily be stored. All stands attach to any tablet enclosure with universal VESA mounting.

With a range of tilt and rotation abilities, these solutions work for an array of customer-facing or back-of-house applications, including but not limited to:



  • Order confirmation 
  • Self-service and check-in 
  • Display or welcome message 
  • Contactless ordering 
  • Delivery app and takeout management 
  • Customer facing terminal for signatures and approvals 
  • Conferences 
  • Hotels 
  • Gyms 
  • Retail, Boutiques 
  • Dining Halls 
  • Doctor/Dentist Offices 
  • Waiting Rooms 
  • Restaurants 
  • And More! 

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