The Challenge

The backbone of a business is in the warehouse and distribution workers - physically moving products, tracking and handling merchandise before a consumer lays eyes on them can be a difficult and time-consuming set of responsibilities. Plenty of miscalculations on deliveries and stocking are easily made without the use of a secure and dependable tracking system.

The Solution

With data capture and delivery solutions, Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners aid the management system of warehouses with real-time reflections of inventory and orders, enabling a constant connection to corporate networks. Companies like Google and Eby-Brown maintain their warehouses with the use of Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners keeping track of inventory. For field service, Google Express has discovered the convenience of using Socket Mobile’s scanners. With Google’s same-day and overnight delivery service from retailers, our scanners’ light weight and durability are ideal choices for those heavy lifters and accident-prone situations. Eby-Brown uses Socket Mobile’s barcode readers alongside their iPad Mini Application, tracking their inventory in-house. As a leading whole seller for the convenience industry, Eby-Brown delivers solutions to retailers and distributors of all sizes. Helping other businesses grow is a big job, but that’s what Socket Mobile helps Eby Brown do. Envia Mi Compra uses Socket Mobile’s scanners to improve their international delivery system. With their own tracking application, the incorporation of Socket Mobile’s attachable S800 barcode readers have helped improve the company’s tracking of every package and every payment in real-time. The jobs in a warehouse are physically demanding. The coordination of the details of a business’ deliveries and stocking can be back-breaking and headache-inducing. Socket Mobile’s scanning solutions lighten that workload and stress just a little bit. Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode readers enable quick access to inventory; businesses are armed with easy-to-use data capture and delivery solutions for quicker responses to customers. A happy customer is a loyal customer.

Socket Mobile logistics solution advantages:

  • Update orders and inventory immediately
  • Access inventory status throughout supply chain
  • Access up-to-date reports and databases anytime, anywhere
  • Minimize overstocking and inventory misplacement
  • Reduce paper usage with automated processes


  • Tracking & Transport
  • Field Service
  • Inventory
  • Operations Management

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