The Challenge

When caring for patients, sorting medical equipment and medications, keeping a good work flow is essential. Equipment should run hassle-free and make the job easier, not harder. Employees in healthcare have enough on their plate every day in a point of care industry. They work long hours; they require keeping their stations and person sanitary for whatever patient or task that comes their way; they are often drowning in paperwork.

To improve workflow, Socket Mobile offers durable, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and comfortable-to-carry barcode scanner options for improved data capture and delivery solutions for the healthcare industry.

The Solution

Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode scanners help reduce the amount of handwritten material by immediately inputting scanned data. Practitioners can make smarter, on-the-spot decisions with instant access to medical records in a facility or when making house calls, as well as improve staff communication and increase efficiency of medical equipment tracking.

Using our scanners in-house, healthcare facilities can increase their patients’ safety with accurate medical charts and medication verification. In addition, using Socket Mobile’s hygiene-sensitive devices that are made with antimicrobial materials, provide an extra layer of protection against spreading bacteria.

Our barcode scanners have helped healthcare professions, like Neuroptics and Kaiser Permanente, run a more painless workflow. Neuroptics is in optical evaluation for assessing bodily health; their facility uses Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode readers for in-house usage, as well as tracking assets (products), alongside their Apple and Android devices. Kaiser Permanente utilizes Socket Mobile’s scanners in a stocking capacity, managing over one million assets on a daily basis. With such a vast supply of resources, it is imperative to use a reliable data capture system, like Socket Mobile scanners.

Socket Mobile’s goal is to allow patients and healthcare professionals to have fewer headaches. Healthcare is meant to help improve the quality of life. Let Socket Mobile help improve the quality of your work life.

Socket Mobile benefits for healthcare partners:

  • Bedside medication verification (BPOC / eMAR) (handheld device or portable 2D /1D barcode scanner)
  • Pharmacy automation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Manage inventory and facility inspections
  • Keep a more sanitary environment with antimicrobial materials
  • Reduce receiving and distributing counterfeit products
  • Confirm prescriptions and automate drug inventories
  • Meet EPC global Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) standard for closed loop track & trace
  • Securely track electronic certificates of authenticity, or ePedigrees, on-demand access to historical data on individual medicine containers


  • Point of Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Field
  • Therapy
  • Volunteer

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