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RP-F10 & Digital Signage Display

RP-F10 & Digital Signage Display

Seiko’s innovation delivering the first cube-designed, high speed printer is only surpassed by its latest offering of the new RP-F10 3” POS printer and another first-to-market, digital signage color display. The RP-F10 printer and digital signage color display offer unique value in a compact footprint delivering directed messages to the end-user and customer. This enables communication and digital signage strategies to be implemented while also enabling touchless payments for enhanced safety and convenience.  The RP-F10 printer features 2-way paper eject in a compact 5-inch cube design with 10 inch/sec. high speed printing and compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android environments.  We are also excited to introduce a new version to our line up, featuring USB-C power and host communication, adding versatility for charging and communicating with smart devices, ideal for mPOS needs.  The optional digital signage color display features a 4.3-inch color LCD allowing for high resolution images, 1D & 2D barcodes, multi-character support. It can be attached together with the RP-F10 printer or separated as needed.

RP-F10 Printer

• 2-way paper eject (top or front paper exit)
• Compact cube 5-inch design
• 10 inch/sec. high speed printing
• Windows, Linux, iOS, Android support
• USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth

Optional Digital Signage Display – attach directly to printer or placed separately

• Color 4.3 LCD digital signage display
• Direct unique messaging to specific users and consumers
• Compact footprint (standalone or attached to the RP-F10)
• Images, 1D & 2D Barcode, multi-character support
• Windows, iOS, Android support


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Seiko’s innovative original cube-designed POS RP-E and RP-D family features both a shared 5-inch cube design embodying Seiko’s commitment to high quality and innovation garnered from our history in precision watchmaking and IT manufacturing. The RP-D10 features an Energy Star certification balanced with fast performance, close to 8 inches/second print speed. It supports top and front access and is considered a standard in the marketplace for both value and performance. The RP-E10 is our high-speed model featuring 13.8 inches/second print speed. In addition, over-sized LEDs make it easy to determine functionality and enables top and front access.


• Standard for value and performance
• Energy Star certified
• 5-inch cube to free up space
• Nearly 8 inches/second print speed
• Top or front access
• Minimum 62 miles of printing and 1.5 million cuts


• Blazing 1.15 feet per second printing speed
• 5-inch cube to free up space
• Top or front access
• Multi-color, over-size LED status
• Minimum 93 miles of printing and 2 million cuts


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