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RESELLER BATTLE CARD – Why Add Mobile Powered Carts by Newcastle to Your Product Offering?

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SELL SHEET - Mobile Printing / Scanning Station by Newcastle & Zebra Technologies
Every warehouse and manufacturing floor wants to achieve more productivity and efficiency at the lowest possible cost. However, many operations are running into the physical limits of what their workers, processes, and budgets can achieve. That’s why Newcastle & Zebra Technologies offer a game-changing mobile printing/scanning station. 

Learn how adding mobile powered workstations to their receiving, picking verification and packing processes generated some impressive results, like receiving 40% more batches with greater accuracy and in 20% less time. 

INFOGRAPHIC - Case Study Featuring Global 3PL

Leading Global 3PL Saves Over $200K in Labor Costs with Mobile Powered Workstations. 

INFOGRAPHIC - What is Wasted Motion Costing Your Customers?

Each year, the average warehouse worker needlessly walks the distance of NYC to Chicago - on the clock, and on your customer’s dime! What is wasted motion costing your customers? 

E-BOOK - Operations Director's Guide to 2X Warehouse Receiving Productivity

Pushed to do more with less, and to keep workers safe and as productive as possible, warehouse and distribution center (DC) managers need state-of-the-art tools that help them achieve their goals while also minimizing errors and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. 

All-Product Overview - Mobile Powered Workstations & Power Systems

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