19 Jul 2021

The “Order Summary” feature removes room for order error

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Learn how the “order summary” feature, along with others featured in KitchenGo KDS, can optimize your kitchen operations.



Have long, complicated orders that get lost in translation?

It’s easy for order items to be lost in the mayhem of a fast-paced kitchen. With the “order summary” feature displayed in KitchenGo KDS, have the ability to view each item in the order in detail. This removes any room for error that might come from a cramped order display.

The “Order Summary” feature allows you to view each item in every order.

This function is ideal in a hectic kitchen with a screen full of orders. Hone in on the order you are currently working on and remove any room for error. This is especially efficient in an environment where orders are streaming in from various sources, whether that be in-house, to-go, or delivery.

“Order summary” is just one of many features highlighted in KitchenGo KDS that allows users to streamline and automate their operations for a better customer experience. These features, along with our hassle-free integration and superior post-sale support, make KitchenGo KDS one of the most convenient, innovative and customer-oriented KDS solutions on the market. We see your success as our own- let us help you to ensure that your operations stay ahead of the curve, and your business successful.