28 Apr 2021

A Kitchen Display System should not be a chore to implement

Looking to optimize and streamline your kitchen operations, but don’t want to go through the hassle of completely restructuring your current workflow?

KitchenGo KDS is compatible with every major POS on the market, as well as international compatibility. This compatibility makes for hassle-free integration since it removes the need to reinstall new hardware and software. A KDS solution should enhance the process that you already have, rather than uproot it. Since our KDS is POS agnostic, there is no need to change or update your POS system. In a fast-paced environment, a KDS is meant to optimize and streamline kitchen performance. With competing KDS systems, a change in POS would add the extra hassle of the new integration, as well as training your staff on a new POS.

Combined with “plug and play” functionality, integrating a KitchenGo KDS is one of the most user-friendly end-to-end solutions on the market.

Listed below is a shortlist of some of our major integrations (Contact us for a full list). KitchenGo KDS will work with any hardware or software package that you already have integrated. Whether you prefer a POS provider that is a big name with a lot of clients and credibility, self-developed, or a more niche provider that provides more hands-on post-sale customer service, we’ve got you covered, and can work around your unique operation’s needs.


US POS Integrations:Worldwide POS Integrations:
  • Micros Simphony
  • XPOR
  • Payroc
  • Future POS
  • Bypass
  • Mobile POS
  • MM Hayes
  • Transact
  • Computrition
  • Jonas
  • MadMobile
  • CenterEdge
  • Oracle Micros
  • Xetux
  • NCR
  • ParTech
  • Prime Concept
  • Totvs
  • Desbravador
  • Zoox
  • JN Moura
  • Web Automacao
  • TW2
  • BGA
  • Totvs
  • New Choice
  • DAM
  • Linx
  • Teknisa
  • Sw Fast
  • Dalatech
  • E-Deploy
  • Totvs
  • Mobitech

We learn a lot from our customers and their experiences. So in turn, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Our customers always come first, and our integrations and features are developed according to their needs. Post-installation, KitchenGo KDS effectively streamlines orders, reduces waste, and most importantly, provides an exceptional customer experience, all while remaining cost-effective.

Technology is the future of back-end operations (hence – #futurekitchen), and our team is trained to support you from start to finish and ensure that your operations stay ahead of the curve, and your business is successful.

We can help you achieve top-of-the-line operations at an economical cost. Want to know more? Shoot us an email or fill out the form to the right, and we can help you get started on the path to a #futurekitchen.

Martha Pratt

Business Development Manager
Phone: 800-354-9776 ext. 3231
Email: mpratt@bluestarinc.com