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Cradle Kits

Cradle Kits

Single-Slot USB/Serial Cradle Kit

(CKT-P1-001U AND CKT-P1-002U)

With built-in serial and USB communications capability plus room to charge a spare battery

Single-Slot Cradle Kit

(CKT-P1-001M AND CKT-P1-002M)

Connect remotely to a host PC using a dial-up phone line (also features charging-well for spare battery)

Four-Slot Cradle Kit


Charge and sync four devices

Cables and Batteries

Cables and Batteries

Power Supply for Syncing/Charging Cables


Power supply for either USB or Serial Synching/Charging Cable (includes international adapter set)

O'Neil Printer Cable


For use with Molex Cable Cup Assembly (CC-P-001X or CC-P-002X)

Zebra Printer Cable for QL Series


For use with Molex Cable Cup Assembly (CC-P-001X or CC-P-002X)

Zebra Printer Cable for RW Series


For use with Molex Cable Cup Assembly (CC-P-001X or CC-P-002X)

DEX Cable


For use with Molex Cable Cup Assembly (CC-P-001X or CC-P-002X)


Standard Battery


2400mAh 3.7v

Extended Battery Kit


Includes 4000mAh 3.7V battery and cover

Extended Battery


4000mAh 3.7V. Important ? purchase Extended Battery Kit (BK-XP-1) before ordering spare extended batteries


Six-Bay Battery Charging Ki


Compact, low profile battery charging kit that charges up to six Janam batteries (BA-XP-1 and BA-XP-2) Includes charging base, power supply and line cord (batteries not included)

Expanded Performance

Expanded Performance

2d Scanning Firmware
  2D Decode Firmware Upgrade

Enables 2D barcode decode with any Janam mobile computer More Info
Expanded Performance
  RFID Reader

Attachable accessory extends the data capture capabilities of Janam's rugged PDA-style devices ISO14443 compliant and supports Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K and Mifare UltraLight tags

  Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic Stripe Reader delivers on-the-go card reading capability
  USB Cable Cup Assembly
(CC-P-001U AND CC-P-002U)
Attachable accessory for USB-based connectivity
  USB Host Cable Cup Assembly

Attachable accessory to connect USB cable with XM Series or XP30 devices
  Serial Cable Cup Assembly
(CC-P-001S AND CC-P-002S)

Attachable accessory for serial-based connectivity
  Molex Cable Cup Assembly
(CC-P-001X AND CC-P-002X)

Attachable accessory for secure Molex-based cable connectivity
  Vehicle Charging Adapter

A convenient way to charge Janam's handhelds while on the go and a great back-up charging method for extended shifts (Use with separately orderable Cable Cup Accessory or RFID Reader)
  Nylon Operating Case with Clear Front

A protective case for extra tough environments
Nylon Holster with Rugged Clip

Use this holster to secure a Janam PDA-style mobile computer to a belt
  Retractable Locking Tether with Shoulder Strap

For use with Nylon Operating Cases (HL-P-001 or HL-P-003)

Spare and Replacement Parts

Spare and Replacement Parts

  Stylus Tether 5-pack
 Connecting cord for attaching a stylus to the handheld; Minimizes occurrence of a dropped or misplaced stylus
  Power Supply for Single-Slot Cradle
  Power Supply for Four-Slot Cradle

For added user comfort and convenience
  Stylus 5-pack

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