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With such a span of offerings, it can be difficult to choose the elements that are critical to your business. To simplify this, Honeywell Edge Services are available in different bundled options to suit your requirements. Our Platinum Deployment package provides protection at every level, including access to a project management resource, network certification, staging, kitting, deployment, tracking, and access to our award-winning Helpdesk. To complement this, we also offer the Platinum Support package that fully covers your devices for any eventuality and includes battery replacement (for mobile devices) or printhead replacement (for printers), Operational Intelligence, Repair Management with Triage, and Advanced Unity Exchange. At every stage, Honeywell Edge Services give you the confidence of having leading-class technologies combined with service and support plans that are designed to keep you operational for longer.

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Simplification to improve product availability and delivery times Currently, any SKU in a Top Runner product family is eligible for Top Runner discounts. Effective June 1, 2021, select SKUs (versus any SKU) will be eligible for Top Runner PR and Top Runner Essential discounts. Moving to an SKU-specific promotion simplifies inventory management and allows for greater scale and efficiency, improving product availability and delivery times for...

Honeywell is undertaking a strategic initiative using the Pareto 80/20 Principle on hardware SKUs to provide customers with more predictable & shorter lead times with the most profitability.