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Honeywell is a proud sponsor of BlueStar's #TEConnect Podcast! Hosted by John Martin and Dean Reverman, each episode features the topics, trends and technologies impacting the channel with a variety of brilliant guests. 

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Here are some episodes featuring Honeywell subject matter experts:

How to Make Security Part of Your Tech Stack w/Stan Zywicki

Smart Manufacturing with Michael Noyes

Enterprise vs. Consumer Devices in Healthcare with Phoebe Cresswell

Retail Trends with Karen Bomber

Recent News

Among the many workflows that happen daily in a healthcare setting, the most important is the clinician’s ability to provide high-quality care to their patients. To ensure a patient’s treatment and comfort come first, clinicians cannot be distracted by disruptions caused by their IT equipment, like handheld mobile computers and printers. With Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software offering, an organization can confidently take action to...

The PSS On-Site Service upgrade dispatches an authorized technician to your location to repair PSS Industrial and Desktop Printers. PSS provides this optional add-on service to Gold and Platinum Service Contracts for current Industrial and Desk. The two SKU’s available are SVCONSITE-PRN3 and SVCONSITE-PRN5.op printer models.

Over the recent months, the global economy has seen significant inflation across the supply chain. Rising costs in key areas such as freight logistics, semiconductors and plastic materials are having a substantial impact on our industry. This, in turn, has directly affected Honeywell’s cost to serve.