Improving Patient Care With a Smarter, Connected Organization

Positive patient outcomes are at the heart of hospital patient care. Constant collaboration and coordination among your clinicians is one key to delivering safe, effective patient care. So is a barcode-based positive patient ID system that supports your efforts to keep patient safety the first priority. 

Honeywell Healthcare Solutions

The Honeywell product portfolio is the most comprehensive and capable set of technologies in the healthcare industry. From healthcare’s fastest, most precise barcode scanning to mobile computing, printing, RFID and voice systems, to sophisticated mobile device management tools that allow for remote device administration from a single, centralized location – Honeywell is committed to healthcare data collection and communication workflows that enhance patient safety and quality of care.



 Honeywell CT40 HC / CT40 XP HC  Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 HC  Honeywell Captuvo SL42h
Captuvo SL42h

Healthcare Mobile device built on Mobility Edge Technology

Providing the best patient care and highly efficient management requires technology you can trust. Now you can equip your nurses and other staff with a versatile, productivity tool that’s built for healthcare, from construction to capabilities to data security.

The CT40/CT40 XP HC mobile computer is an all-purpose device that simplifies, streamlines, and helps error-proof healthcare delivery. It’s also an Android Enterprise Recommended device – rugged, easy to deploy, and supports upgrades through Android R.

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Designed for light-duty applications in healthcare

From admissions to the point of care, the ScanPal EDA51 HC mobile computer is designed for light-duty applications in healthcare.

It’s sleek, easy to use and carry. And it gives you the right combination of features and accessories to deliver excellent, patient-focused care. Plus, the ScanPal EDA51 HC is an Android™ Enterprise Recommended device – rugged, easy to deploy, and supports upgrades through Android Q to boost your ROI. It also lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a solution that’s purpose-built for healthcare. 

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Enterprise Sled for iPhone 8, 7, 6, and 6s

Honeywell’s Captuvo SL42h Series Enterprise Sled encases the popular 6th, 7th and 8th generation Apple® iPhone with an industry-leading, integrated barcode scanner and a disinfectant-ready protective housing, transforming it into a superior tool for clinician workflows.

Captuvo SL42h can withstand sanitization chemicals and keeps the iPhone protected from abuse such as drops, bumps, and spills common to healthcare environments.

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Xenon XP 1950h and 1952h  Xenon XP 1952h-bf 

Premium performance and class-leading durability

The Xenon XP 195x series healthcare scanners ensure that healthcare professionals remain focused on the patient, making the process of patient ID verification quick and easy.

The Xenon XP 195xh scanner offers superior scan performance, easily capturing even the most difficult-to-read or damaged codes. This helps to eliminate wasted movements and lost time, improving healthcare worker productivity and throughput.

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Battery-Free Wireless Area-Imaging Scanner for Healthcare

The Honeywell Xenon™ Extreme Performance (XP) 1952h-bf area-imaging scanner incorporates the latest in battery-free technology. It’s capable of achieving a full charge in under 60 seconds, putting the power of accurate patient care back in the caregiver's hands.

You'll have the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology without the maintenance hassles or long recharge time associated with traditional batteries.

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Honeywell RP2/RP4 Honeywell PC23d Honeywell PX940V

Ultra-Rugged Portable Label/Receipt Printer

The RPe Series mobile printers are built for the most rugged environments with a wide temperature spec and IP54 rating for dust and moisture ingress.
The RPe Series comes in different print widths to match your particular application, and each version can print a range of print widths as well.

All versions come with a rechargeable battery that can be charged inside or outside the printer and was designed to last a full shift for most use cases.

Honeywell RP2/RP4 PDF >>

Perfect for space-constrained settings

PC23d is a compact two-inch wide direct thermal desktop printer designed for user-friendliness and flexibility. The PC23d printer features a disinfectant-ready housing capable of withstanding the harmful effects of frequent chemical wipedowns.

The low cost and fast operation make PC23d the smart choice for light-duty labeling applications where users need reliable, easy-to-use printers.

Honeywell PC23d PDF >>

High-Performance Industrial Printer with Integrated Label Verification

The PX940 printers are suited for transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, shipping and distribution centers and applications that are regulated and require high precision and error-free printing.

Comes with standard features such as Bluetooth® LE used with Print Set MC and smart printing capability.

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Easy, Reliable Patient Tracking

Honeywell wristbands provide the positive identification hospitals need for maximum patient safety. Patient information is highly resistant to hand sanitizers, soaps, moisture, and other conditions commonly encountered in the hospital environment.

Easy, intuitive printer loading and one-at-a-time printing allows bands to be generated without waste. Applying the wristband is as easy as printing it, with an adhesive closure that is quick and easy to secure to a patient’s wrist.

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Healthcare Guides

Learn How to Clean Honeywell Healthcare Disinfectant-Ready Products.

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Honeywell Device Cleaning and
Disinfecting Guides for Mobile Computers, Scanners and Printers.

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Honeywell Mobility Solutions For Healthcare.

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Delivering the results you need!

  • Patient Admissions Workflow Solutions
    Matching the right patient to the right medical history, medications and doctor's instructions. It’s critical to providing the right care. And it’s all built on the patient barcode ID wristband. 

  • Bedside Point of Care
    With Honeywell workflow solutions, you’ll equip your clinicians with tools that increase productivity and simplify their day, so they can focus on patient care. 

  • Medication Administration
    Properly prescribing and administering medication in hospitals is key to patient recovery and safety. That’s one reason why thousands of hospitals have chosen Honeywell barcode systems to help their nurses ensure the five rights of meds admin.

  • Specimen Collection
    Specimen labeling has recently come under greater scrutiny as the next big Meaningful Use opportunity to improve patient safety. At minimum, specimen collection labeling errors contribute to wasted time. More alarming, they can lead to the serious consequences of a misdiagnosis. That’s why hospitals have been working closely with their EMR vendors and Honeywell to create new solutions and new best practices for specimen labeling. 

  • Laboratory
    Accurately tracking specimens is almost as critical as the test results themselves. That’s why hospitals today have made barcode labeling and scanning the foundation of their specimen tracking systems. It’s also why you need choose your barcode labeling and scanning solution carefully.

  • Pharmacy
    Properly labeling unit doses and custom IV formularies with barcodes is key to a safe medication administration workflow.

  • Supply Tracking
    Maintaining, distributing, and tracking medical supplies and inventory is critical for patient care and proper billing. Honeywell mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers are routinely deployed throughout hospitals for supply chain and PAR management workflows.

Recent News

The Honeywell CT30 XP HC (Healthcare) mobile computer was recently recognized as the “Best Clinical Administration Hardware Device” during the sixth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards. The awards program recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market. This year’s program attracted more than 3,900 nominations from over 15 different countries throughout the world.

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