Long described as a “card printer manufacturer,” Evolis is determined to break away from this image, which is no longer fit for purpose. To mark this change, Evolis is now sporting a new graphic identity and a new tagline “Identify What Matters.” This new perspective affirms the group’s strategic orientation and position as a leader. Evolis has been quick to demonstrate this with the announcement of the release of Primacy 2, its latest...

For each university or Grande Ecole, the return of students is a key period. Every year, it is the subject of all the attention and brings its share of tension and stress for the staff in charge of preparing it. In a very short period of time, a multiplicity of tasks must be accomplished and requests processed. During this period, the aim is to optimize the experience of students and teaching staff and to preserve the brand image of the...

The QR code is making a comeback. Retail, leisure, events, business, health... so many sectors are rediscovering the QR code and printing it on PVC cards. Why? The combination of the QR code and the credit card format satisfies multiple needs thanks to its many advantages.

In light of Evolis' rapid growth, management quickly realized how important it was to control our environmental footprint and went on to implement a comprehensive environmental management system

Card printers that use retransfer technology for the printing process give us some advantages over direct-to-card printing technology. Retransfer printing covers 100% of the card area, which is why it is also known as over the edge printing, the retransfer tape on which it is printed has a protective layer that translates into a longer useful life, more brightness and better color registration that is comparable to that of a pre-printed card.

The handling of the consumables of your Evolis printer is very important for several reasons. Not only because of security issues which is important in issuing government cards such as a driver's license, but also because it has a direct impact on the printing quality and lifespan of your printer. Let's focus on this last point, which will have you printing your cards perfectly.

27 Aug 2020

A national ID card needs to be durable and counterfeit-proof. Evolis, providers of personalization solutions for cards, will advise and support you in your project to print secure ID cards.

Discover the recent improvements that have been made to our Badgy200 solution. Badgy200 offers ready-to-use solutions, allowing you to produce your own personalized badges on plastic cards. Now, improvements have been made to enable it to better meet the expectations and needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

In the hospital environment, it is vital to identify employees to optimize flow and secure access to the establishment. Plastic hospital ID cards are the most suitable way to respond to the security needs of these establishments.

Challenge: Old School Inkjet Printing Provided Inferior Results Until recently ComForCare used an inkjet printer to create employee identification cards, a time-consuming process which required heat sealing. The result of this type of ID badge printing was a less than desirable look, which did nothing to enhance the company’s brand in a competitive market. The company had begun a rebranding campaign and wanted to ensure that their ID badges...

In India, an optician is authorized to carry out optical examinations and prescribe eyeglasses. Traditionally, opticians provided their clients with a paper prescription. However, clients regularly misplaced this document and then re-solicit their optician to check their eyesight again or have their prescription reprinted.

Security issues at major events have become an important concern in recent years. The Rock En Seine music festival, held in Paris each year, is an unmissable event in the European calendar. Since 2017, to increase security for accreditation, the organizers have been using plastic card printers to create and print ID badges directly on site, as well as staff ID badges with a photo and hologram.

This new version of Edikio Guest software maintenance brings many fixes and improvements relating to the user interface, the tools of creation of card, the database, as well as the resources and contents users (models...).

Angers, 25 October, 2017 - Evolis, the world leader in plastic card customization solutions, has announced the market release of its new Sig100 Lite and Sig Activ models, augmenting its existing product line. The top-of-the-range Sig Activ tablet is innovative and ultra-secure—designed to meet the newest technology requirements for requests for proposals. The Sig100 Lite is an entry level model that offers reliable and secure signature capture at...

Angers, June 6 , 2017 – CPI Card Group (NASDAQ: PMTS, TSX: PMTS), a global leader in financial and EMV® chip card production and related services, in partnership with Evolis (EPA: ALTVO), the world leader in decentralized issuance systems of payment cards, today announced the release of Precision by Card@Once®, featuring even faster card processing times paired with higher resolution printing capabilities.

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