In an arena where simplification of complex systems is essential and accuracy is necessary, a touch interface is the fastest, easiest way for professionals in virtually any business to interact with technology—and the most direct and natural. 

Elo is a leading brand in touch products and technologies. The recognized quality and reliability of Elo touch-based products results from a design that incorporates easy to read displays and responsive touchscreen interfaces, with a sealed casing that protects against liquid splashes.  This allows the display to continue operating accurately even when subjected to water drops or other substances. Equally at home in a busy clinic or waiting room, Elo touchscreen products can be activated with a finger, rubber-gloved hand, or stylus—all common in healthcare settings. 

We routinely collaborate with medical OEMs, software developers, IT systems integrators and kiosk producers, and will work with you to seamlessly integrate Elo products into your total solution. 

So whether you are an OEM designing a new instrument, a business manager with an eye to improving efficiency, an instructor eager to supply intuitive patient education or a value-added reseller developing self-service systems, we can provide touch solutions for most applications in the healthcare environment. 

Easy to use, reliable, and stable, Elo touchscreens, touchmonitors, and touchcomputers bring powerful simplicity to equipment, instrumentation, and services, and improve the efficiency of devices used in a variety of healthcare settings: