Touch simplifies the human/machine interface for industrial equipment by enabling the operator's reactions to be natural and intuitive. Elo also help reduce the complexity of operations by eliminating the often cumbersome traditional operator interfaces. They simplify the task and reduce training time for operators while adding more capabilities to the machine itself. Manufacturers worldwide of both light and heavy industrial equipment trust this all-important interface to Elo, the leader in touch technology.

Elo touch technologies are rugged and reliable enough to be used in industrial environments where dust and liquids are prevalent, are sealable to industrial requirements, and they can be operated by a gloved-hand. Our touch solutions provide reliable interaction making them ideal for use in industrial applications.

The Elo reputation for forefront technologies, wide range of solutions, quality, and long-term reliability ensures it is a preferred touch solution vendor for all industrial users. Importantly, we provide a range of touch interfaces that will continue functioning efficiently throughout the lifetime of your machine or system.

From the clean room to food-processing or the dusty factory floor; from portable applications to complex IPCs, Elo offers the largest selection of touch technologies and touch-enabled monitors and displays to the industrial market: