Open Safely with Elo Self-Service

In a world where social distancing, preventative measures and limiting virus contamination are paramount, businesses of all kinds need help to ensure that everyone on-premise is as protected and safe as possible. For implementing new and enhanced safety measures, Elo offers touchscreen solutions for a variety of access applications, including employee access, guest and patient check-in and triage. Streamline security and increase human safety with Elo's modular platforms that can enable a variety of capabilities from wellness screening to building access. 


  • Modular Platform: Configure & adapt Elo's self-service solutions with ease as needs change
  • Reduce Risk: Protect staff from handling the screening process & control access to public spaces by potentially high-risk individuals
  • Automated Screening: Visitors & employees simply walk up to the kiosk to get real-time results within one second
  • Simplified Management: Securely manage Elo Android devices with EloView & enable automated screening remotely with the Elo Access App
  • Rapid Deployment: Customers can get up and running quickly with a pre-configured kiosk, unified endpoint management system and the Elo Access App

Wellness-Check Access Control Kiosk

Elo helps businesses gauge wellness at point-of-entry with access control solutions. Deploy a wellness questionnaire using EloView® and a temperature reader to provide initial, real-time checks prior to entry for self-service employee and guest screening.

As an Elo Edge Connect™ peripheral accessory, the temperature sensor seamlessly attaches to the edge of the touchscreen. And when configured with one of Elo's Self-Service Stands and paired with the right software, businesses can build a tailored access control solution that's flexible to be modified as needed and scalable. 

Elo's Temperature Sensor Pro

Configure Elo Access Control Solution

1.) Choose an Elo Touchscreen (size and platform)     

I-Series Touch Computers          

2.) Select from a variety of Elo's Self-Service Stands     

Self-Service Stands       

3.) Add Software:

  • To get up and running quickly, deploy a customized wellness-screening questionnaire with the Elo Access App. Only available through EloView® for Android I-Series, users can tailor questions to screen employees and visitors at entry to assess wellness related concerns.*     Sign up Today
  • Need a more robust software solution?     Talk to an Expert 

* Screening questions for the Elo Access App are the responsibility of the user, who must confirm compliance with applicable data privacy, medical data privacy, and employment laws and regulations, including HIPPA compliance. Not available in all areas. 

**The Elo Access Temperature sensor is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease or health condition, including COVID-19. An indication of an elevated body temperature should be confirmed by a secondary evaluation method (such as a non-contact infrared thermometer or clinical grade contact thermometer). Use only as directed; various environmental and methodological factors can impact thermal imaging. HIPAA compliance is responsibility of user. This is not an FDA-approved device. Not available in all areas.

Cleaning Elo Touchscreens 

Safety and sanitation have never been as important as they are now. With kiosks that can easily be positioned a safe distance from each other, and edge-to-edge glass for easy cleaning, the growing trend of self-service is proving to be the way of the future. See how easily Elo products can be cleaned and disinfected to protect against the spread of common viral infections, including COVID-19.

Cleaning Methods for Elo Touchscreens (COVID-19)