Accessorizing Couldn't be Simpler with Elo Edge Connect. 


Wallaby Self-Service Stands

The Wallaby line of self-service stands can streamline installation of interactive experiences in high-traffic public environments. Create a unified approach to any customer experience in point of sale and self-service applications including self-order, endless aisle, price verification, loyalty programs, brand experience, patient check-in and more. With the Wallaby stands, you can now "stand up" a 15-inch to 22-inch Windows or Android based self-service touchscreen solution with ease - complete with payment and printing capabilities. 





Wallaby Pro Self-Service Stands

Configuration options:

  • wall, counter or floor mounted
  • single-sided or double-sided
  • choose a 22-, 24- or 27-inch display
  • choose Android, windows or Linux
  • add a printer
  • add payment devices & peripherals
  • add a backer board for branding
  • add a ceiling pole for cable routing
  • add an ADA keypad or assist button



Elo's Wallaby Pro stands are changing the industry by making it easier than ever to create interactive self service solutions. Choose from wall, counter or floor models as well as single-sided and double-sided. Purpose built to handle high-traffic environments, the sleek, space-saving stands are designed to support endless configurability options and easy access to internal components. Choose a 22- to 27-inch Elo touchscreen, a compute device, a printer, an ADA keyboard or assist button, payment devices and edge connect accessories and a backerboard for additional brand messaging. The Wallaby Pro provides the flexibility businesses need to get self-service solutions up and running quickly.




Slim Self-Service Stands

The Elo Slim Self-Service stands offer a great addition to the current Wallaby Stand lineup by providing an 11% slimmer form factor for environments where space is limited. Compatible with Elo's 15-inch and 22-inch I-Series AiO touchscreens and Elo Edge Connect™ accessories, the Slim Self-Service stands offer the flexibility to configure any solution. The stands come in both countertop and floor models - designed to deliver unique customer experiences perfect for self-order, endless aisle, price verification, loyalty programs, brand experience and patient check-in.

Compatible Displays include:

  •  1502L, 2002L, 2202L, 2402L & 2702L touch monitors
  • 15-inch & 22-inch I-Series Windows/Android touch computers

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Quick Install Guide

mPOS Printer Stand

The new commercial-grade mPOS system flips between point of sale and self-order kiosk with ease. Based on Elo's popular and agile I-Series POS computer available in 10.1" or 15.6" for Android and 15.6" for Windows, the versatile mPOS platform is well-suited for retail, hospitality, entertainment venues, medical or any environment where interactive customer transactions are needed. Combined with a variety of peripherals, a POS expansion module and a standard 3" printer in a clean cable free installation, the platform has everything you need. 

POS and kiosk management can be even easier with EloView. A revolutionary interactive platform, EloView is a secure management platform for remote content delivery and device management. Whether you need to push new content to a device or simply change the screen brightness, EloView has got you covered. EloView software provides device setup, remote management, alerts, attract loops, and the ability to securely upgrade the operating system, applications, and content. 



Flip Stand

The Elo Flip Stand design seamlessly converts the employee facing cash register to a customer facing display to promote loyalty programs and payment methods or even a kiosk where customers can use self-service.

Compatible with the I-Series 10" and 15" touchcomputers

Compatible with the 1002 and 1502 touchmonitors


Pole Mounts

Floor Stand

The Elo floor stand provides a solution to many application requirements in retail and hospitality environments.

Compatible with the I-Series (10", 15", 22") and M-Series (1002L, 1502L, 2002L) Models



Pole Mount Kit

Elo's pole mount kits are available in multiple heights (6", 12", & 18") for tabletop use.

Compatible with the M-Series (1002L, 1502L, 2002L) and I-Series Models



Rear-facing Display Pole Mount Kit

The rear-facing display pole mount kit allows you to mount a customer-facing display with the X-Series AiO touchscreen computers.



Pole Mount Bracket

The Elo pole mount bracket enables endless options for placement of the M-Series line of touchscreen monitors.

Compatible with all M-Series (1002L, 1502L, 2002L) Models







Do More with Elo Edge Connect™ Peripherals

Designed with versatility in mind, Elo Edge Connect offers a wide assortment of peripheral options. Whether for endless aisle, self-order or collaboration applications, seamlessly attach any combination of up to four peripherals to the edge of an Elo touchscreen to build customized solutions. 

Add, move or swap out later as needs change, and your customers have a future proof solution ideal for any application they can imagine. 

Temperature Sensor Pro

With social distancing and preventative measures being critical, organizations are implementing enhanced safety protocols to help ensure their premises are safer. Elo’s modular temperature screening hardware supports these efforts. From check-in to access control, simply pair Elo’s Temperature Sensor with a variety of displays, stands and 3rd-party software to create a contactless self-service solution purpose-built to streamline security administration and increase safety.

How it Works

Utilizing an infrared bolometer (thermometer) and 2D camera, the Temperature Sensor Pro offers heatmap temperature reading up to 40-inches away with an optimal distance of 24-inches. With no alignment needed, the temperature sensor can detect faces, automatically adjust based on height and output temperature data for each person detected in the field of view (FOV). 

Step 1: Greet an individual or group instantly with facial detection

Step 2: Automatically initiate temperature measurement

Step 3: Determine if it is appropriate for the individual to proceed

Deliver Rapid Results

Allow personnel and guests to flow through quickly as the scan provides results within 1 second with a +/- .5° C read accuracy.

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Available Late October 2020

The Elo Access Temperature Sensor is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease or health condition, including COVID-19. An indication of an elevated body temperature should be confirmed by a secondary evaluation method (such as a non-contact infrared thermometer or clinical grade contact thermometer). Use only as directed; various environmental and methodological factors can impact thermal imaging. HIPPAA compliance is responsibility of user. This is not an FDA-approved device. Not available in all areas. 

Status Light

The Elo Status Lights provide a sleek, low profile solution for highlighting conference room availability and self-checkout lane readiness. The Elo Edge Connect Status Lights connect easily via a Micro USB port or GPIO to the side of the I-Series 2.0 for Android in either portrait or landscape - creating an integrated design while delivering the flexibility you need. The lights can appear white when not activated and can light up red or green depending on the need or use. Elo provides a set of APIs through the EloView® SDK allowing you to control the status light via your own APIs.


3D Camera

With the rise of consumer demand for contactless ordering and payments, the Elo Edge Connect 3D Camera can support rapid facial recognition and authentication capability. Designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of Elo interactive displays, the sleek, compact form factor provides the depth sensing your customers need, making it well suited for self-service, access control and augmented reality and virtual reality applications. 

With 3D technology, businesses can gain an extra layer of security with anti-spoofing and liveness detection capability to enhance biometric verification over a 2D camera. By using a projector to cast an infrared light pattern onto an object, the camera captures the reflections and adds a layer of depth to an image to create a 3D visual - delivering financial-grade security capability. 

Compatible With:

  • I-Series for Android 2.0 & 3.0 (10", 15" & 22") Touch Computers
  • I-Series for Windows 2.0 (15" & 22") Touch Computers
  • EloPOS Systems (15", 17" & 22") Touch Computers
  • 02-Series Monitors (1002L, 1302L, 1502L, 2002L, 2202L, 2402L, 2702L)
  • Large Format Touch Signage (3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L, 5553L, 6553L)

*The 3D Camera requires support of 3rd party software to enable capabilities specified 

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Conference Camera

Designed for conference rooms and huddle rooms, the Conference Camera delivers full HD video with wide viewing angles and adjustable positioning to cover any seating configuration. From the camera to the echo-canceling mic, simply attach it to one of Elo's 53-Series displays, add software and you are meeting ready. 

  • Compatible with 5553L & 6553L Large Format Interactive Displays
  • 3 Year Standard Warranty


2D Barcode Scanner

Improve self-service and price-checker applications when you couple the Elo Edge Connect 2D Barcode Scanner. This fast, hands-free device provides rapid and accurate scanning of barcodes, including linear barcodes and QR codes. Whether on paper, etched into a product or on a mobile screen, the reader can return quick, reliable results.  

When paired with right software and an Elo touch computer, the 2D Barcode Scanner is perfect for price checker, employee & visitor management, and self-service checkout applications.

Compatible with:

  • I-Series for Android 2.0 (10", 15", 22") Touch Computers
  • I-Series for Windows 2.0 (15" & 22") Touch Computers
  • EloPOS System (15", 17" & 22") Touch Computers
  • 02-Series Touch Monitors (1002L, 1302L, 1502L, 1902L, 2002L, 2202L, 2402L, 2702L)
  • Large Format Touch Signage (3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L, 5553L, 6553L)

Download Data Sheet

Barcode Reader

The Barcode Scanner is a high performance CCD scan engine that has outstanding scanning performance of its class. It provides flexibility in many kinds of applications, such as handheld terminals, data collectors, kiosks, medical equipments, and many more. 

1D Barcode scanner:

  • E093433 for M-Series, I-Series, and 02-Series
  • E267080 for X-Series


The Elo Edge Connect Webcam makes it easy to implement facial recognition applications. With full HD video, an 8MP USB camera, integrated microphone and compatibility with standard USB Video Class (UVC) drivers, the webcam is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of Elo interactive displays making it easy to develop solutions across form factors.

Paired with the right software and Elo touch computer, the Elo Webcam is perfect for virtual assistant, virtual health, and personalized experiences like tailored menu offerings or loyalty program applications. 

Compatible with:

  • I-Series for Android 2.0 & 3.0 (10", 15" & 22") Touch Computers
  • I-Series for Windows 2.0 (15" & 22") Touch Computers
  • EloPOS Systems (15" 17" & 22") Touch Computers
  • 02-Series Monitors (1002L, 1302L, 1502L, 1902L, 2002L, 2202L, 2402L, 2702L)
  • Large Format Touch Signage (3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L, 5553L, 6553L)

*The Webcam requires support of 3rd party software to enable solution capabilities

 Download Data Sheet

Fingerprint Scanner

Elo's Fingerprint Scanner delivers a fast and reliable way to use biometric authentication for individuals who require access to a device or building. From patient and doctor authentication to employee login, the reader seamlessly integrates with a variety of Elo displays via Elo Edge Connect™ technology. By using a capacitive sensor for scanning, the Fingerprint Scanner can withstand up to four million touches - providing the durability needed with high quality scans time after time. 

  • Compatible with I-Series (2.0 & 3.0), EloPOS, 02-Series touch monitors, and large format displays
  • Micro USB Interface
  • 5.0VDC Input Voltage
  • 508 dpi Resolution
  • 8-bit grayscale Scan Data
  • 12.8x18.0mm / 256x360 pixels Scan Capture Size
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty


The Near Field Communications (NFC) adapter for mobile payments offers increased compatibility with the latest point of sale applications. The accessory is easily installed by the user, providing an elegant, integrated solution and eliminating the need for external brackets or attachments.

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Bi-directional 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader for accepting card payments. 

Non-encrypting Level 2

Magnetic Stripe Reader (E-Series)

The Elo magnetic stripe reader (MSR) for the E-Series Touchscreen Computer provides ease of collecting card data. The MSR is easy to mount and powered through the USB port. With a swipe of the card, you can capture up to three tracks of data quickly and accurately. 

Bi-directional 3-Track MSR. Non-encryptable Level 2

VFD Customer Display

The VFD Customer Display is a 2x20 USB-powered device that can be adjusted for best viewing angle. The blue-green fluorescent color is easy on the eyes.

Collaboration Tray

Stop struggling to find the USB port on the back of the monitor or trying to draw on the presentation screen with a mouse - start collaborating with Elo. The new Collaboration Tray paired with an Elo touchscreen simplifies teamwork for enterprise applications. Designed for use with our IDS product line, the Collaboration Tray is compatible with any third-party corporate or education collaboration software solution - transforming the IDS display into a Collaboration Hub via the open platform architecture of our IDS products.

The tray kit includes 2 styluses optimized for use with Elo's PCAP and IR touchscreens across a variety of interactive white board and annotation applications. Also, included in the tray is a front access USB port for direct and immediate content sharing from any member of the meeting when paired with an Elo embedded computer module (ECM). Additionally, the menu button enables easy source selection for toggling between inputs such as an ECM, video conferencing system or meeting attendee's computers. A power standby indicator light is also included to help users know the touchscreen is ready for interaction. 

Compatible with:

  • IDS 02-Series (3202L, 4202L, 4602L, & 5502L) PCAP and IR models
  • IDS 01-Series (5551L & 7001LT) IR models


EMV Cradle

The fully integrated EMV cradle mounts seamlessly and allows the customer to control the checkout process with confidence and ease. Currently available for the Verifone E355 and Ingenico ICMP mPOS payment devices, the cradles are compatible with multiple Elo touchscreen products. By combining an Elo touchscreen with the EMV Cradle, you can help improve service for endless aisle, loyalty programs, brand experience, self-service, mPOS, POS applications and more.

Compatible EMV Devices:

  • Ingenico ICMP
  • Verifone E355

Compatible Elo Touchscreens:

  • I-Series for Android & Windows (10, 15, 22) AiO
  • X-Series (X15, X17, X20) AiO
  • M-Series (1002L, 1502L, 2002L) Monitors
  • IDS 02-Series (3202L, 4202L, 4602L) Signage
  • PayPoint (for Android, for iPad, for Windows)

EMV Cradle for Wallaby Self-Service Stands

The fully integrated EMV cradle mounts seamlessly to the stand to enable self-service. By combining the Wallaby Self-Service Stand with an Elo touchscreen and EMV supported cradle,  you can help improve service for endless aisle, loyalty programs, brand experience, self-service, mPOS, POS applications and more.

Compatible EMV Devices:

  • Verifone MX915
  • Ingenico iSC250
  • Ingenico iPP350

Compatible Stand:

  • Elo Wallaby Self-Service Countertop Stand - E796783
  • Elo Wallaby Self-Service Floor Stand - E796965 + E797162


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Expansion Modules

Expansion Module for I-Series

Elo's expansion module provides options for installation - either on the back of the I-Series unit with a VESA mount or under the Flip Stand for better cable management.

Compatible with:

  • 10.1" and 15.6" I-Series for Android
  • 15.6" and 21.5" I-Series for Android

I/O Ports:

  • 12V (1.5A) Powered USB
  • 24V (2.3A) Powered USB
  • Serial COM port (RJ45)
  • 2x 5V USB 2.0
  • 19V DC IN

Note: Expansion Module requires 150W power brick, different from I-Series (included in the box)


Expansion Module for X-Series

Elo's Expansion Module can be used with any Elo X-Series Touchscreen computer to provide additional connectivity to your hardware.

Compatible with all X-Series REV A models All-in-One (AiO) touchcomputers

Supports OS - Windows 7, Windows POSReady 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

I/O Ports:

  • 2x RS-232 port
  • 1x 12V Powered USB port
  • 1x USB 2.0 port
  • RJ-45 Ethernet port (10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Controller)
  • Wake-On-LAN spec requirement
  • RJ-11 interface
  • 12/24V Cash Drawer port
  • BIOS menu control


Expansion Module for Windows

Elo's USB Expansion Module Kit can be used with any Elo touchcomputer running Windows 7 or Windows 10, providing additional connectivity to your hardware.

I/O Ports:

  • 3x 12V (1.5A) Powered USB
  • 24V (2.3A) Powered USB
  • 4x USB to Serial COM ports (DB9)
  • 5V USB 2.0
  • USB to LAN port
  • 12/24V Cash Drawer port
  • 19V DC IN
  • USB to host connector


Computer Modules

Backpack 4®

The Elo Backpack delivers a powerful, commercial-grade Android 10 compute engine designed to simplify the deployment of content, websites and Android-based apps across your interactive experiences. Purpose-built to fit in compact spaces, the Elo Backpack boasts a small footprint in both size and weight and can secure to any counter or in a kiosk easily with the built-in 75 mm or 100 mm VESA mount.

For added flexibility, choose between the Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core Kryo processor offering powerful performance up to 2.2 GHz and enhanced Adreno graphics or the lowpower, high-performance Rockchip processor. With connectivity to satisfy all your needs from signage and kiosks to automation controls, scaling Elo’s commercial Android platform across sizes and form factors has never been easier.

NEW Features

  • Android 10 with GMS & AOSP
  • Improved CPU Performance
  • Faster Wi-Fi Performance
  • USB Type-C Compatible
  • Compact Design


Elo Backpack 4 Datasheet

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Android Kiosk - Scalable & Easy to Deploy

With the Backpack, Elo is introducing kiosk integrators to a new architecture that will lower costs, improve scalability and simplify creation of custom kiosks. Elo's Kiosk 2.0 architecture introduces a low-power, solid state fan-less computing solution with the capability to scale deployments and remotely manage kiosks out-of-the-box. Combined with Elo's brilliant commercial-grade touch monitors, integrators can now transform what was a bulky, highly customized kiosk into a sleek and modern design. 

Creating beautiful self-service solutions and deploying a kiosk network is now easier than ever!

Power to Perform

EloPOS™ Pack

The EloPOS Pack delivers a powerful enterprise-ready Windows compute platform in a sleek, compact form factor. Backed by the security and infrastructure of a Windows-based system with Intel's Q370 Chipset and the speed of the Intel's 8th gen processors, the EloPOS Pack provides the power needed to run a business. From point-of-sale terminals and self-service kiosks to automation controls, the EloPOS Pack offers the connectivity and durability to thrive under the demands of continuous use while boasting a smaller footprint in both size and weight than other commercial-grad PCs.

Connect It All

With 16 connection ports, you can connect all the peripherals needed. From cash drawers and printers to barcode scanners and payment devices - there is a port to connect it all. 

Windows Computer Modules (ECMG4) - For IDS 53-Series

The Elo Computer Module (ECM) for the IDS 53-Series features the Intel® Core™ 7th Generation CPUs and enhanced graphics engine. Offered with Intel i5 processors for Microsoft Windows® 10 or no operating system, the ECMs can help enable customer engagement and immersive brand experiences by adding a new exciting dimension to traditional broadcast digital signage - the power of touch. The commercial-grade computer modules transform Elo's 6553L and 5553L large format displays into a powerful platform with compatibility to most content management servers. 

Smaller Form Factor

With dimensions of 11.07x8.2x1.7 the new ECMG4 form factor is 47% smaller than the previous model delivering a lower cost, lower energy consumption computer module that's easier to install and maintain. 

Key Features

Easy Installation

The Elo IDS Computer Modules slide into the back of the touchscreen display to deliver the industry's thinnest commercial grade all-in-one large format touchcomputers. Field installation is easy with no external cables required. AC power, video and USB signals pass between the computer module and the Elo IDS touch display via an internal docking connector.



Huddle Kit

Huddle Kit

Helping Businesses Stay Connected

Elo's NEW Huddle Kit combines all of their Collaboration accessories into one easy to order kit purpose-built to make collaboration easy. Simply connect the Huddle Kit with a 55" or 65" large format interactive display to create a robust huddle room solution. 

The Huddle Kit Includes:

  • Conference Camera
  • i5 Windows 10 Computer Module complete with a pre-loaded intuitive dashboard for easy navigation to the whiteboarding and wireless BYOD content-sharing software
  • 2X Active & Passive Styluses
  • Stylus Tray

Staying Connected - Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Choose between a 55" or 65" Elo interactive display
  2. Add the Huddle Kit PC & Conference Camera
  3. Load Software - Register included white-boarding an BYOD software

Collaboration Ready



CLICK HERE to learn more about the Elo 5553L and 6553L large format interactive displays.

M50 Accessories

DS10 Docking Station

Turn any monitor into a personal workstation with the easy-to-use docking station.

  • Compatible with the Elo M50 mobile computer
  • USB-C
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty

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DC10 4 Slot Device Charger

Keep HHT devices charged and organized with the four-slot docking station.

  • Compatible with the Elo M50 mobile computer
  • 12V DC IN Jack Connector
  • Countertop or Wall mounting options (wall mount bracket included in box)
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty

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BC10 4 Slot Battery Charger

Never run out of power with the ability to charge up to four spare batteries at a time.

  • Compatible with the Elo M50 Batteries
  • 12V DC IN Jack Connector
  • Countertop or Wall mounting options (wall mount bracket included in the box)
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty

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EM10 Expansion Module

Expand the functionality of a workstation with the ability to connect a variety of accessories.

  • Compatible with the DS10 Docking Station & select Elo touch monitors with USB-C connection (1002L, 1302L & 1502L models)
  • I/O Ports include:
    • 24V DC IN Jack Connector
    • USB-Type C
    • USB-Type C Display Out
    • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
    • 24V Powered USB
    • 4 x USB 3.0 Type A
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty

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HS10 Hand Strap

Get an extra grip on the M50 with the optional hand strap.

  • Compatible with the Elo M50 mobile computer

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