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Scanner Settings


Logging function to store parameter setup in a file

  • Allows setup-file access, greatly reducing setup time, especially when multiple scanners are being set up at one time.

Output and save parameters

  • Setup parameters and input barcodes can be created and stored in MS Word file.

Firmware update support

  • Whenever product is upgraded, scanner can be updated with new firmware available at QBdirect.
    • 1D scanners supported: GT10B Series
    • 2D scanners: GT10Q, GT15Q and QK12 Series

One-step setup of parameters

  • Scanner setup can be easily managed from a PC.
  • Setup barcodes can be scanned, saving time.

*Download free from QBdirect

Download DataSheet (PDF)



Keyboard interface software to convert scanner input into keyboard data

  • Converts data received from RS-232C port and passes it to application program so application thinks data is actually entered from keyboard. Data transmission supported in either text or keyboard mode; terminal emulation also supported.

Versatile application even for scanners with USB interface

  • Supports scanners with virtual COM port USB interface (QK11-U, GT10BSU/LU, and GT10Q-SU).

Flexible data transmission to target window

  • Data is generally transmitted to an active window (the foremost one). However, QR_kbif can also send to data to the target window even if it is inactive or minimized, resulting in fewer input errors and missing data.

Multiple QR_kbif operations in N-to-one and N-to-N connections

  • Supports single (one-to-one connection) or multiple scanners (N-to-one). In addition, if multiple QR_kbif instances are concurrently operated and target window is specified, more complex topologies such as N-to-N, N-to-M (M>N) can be established.

Advanced data editing

  • ADF script support allows QR_kbif to manage any string operation, including conditional judgment, scanner control and external program execution. Data-edit function enables strings to be added or deleted before or after entering data.

*Download free from QBdirect

Download DataSheet (PDF)

BHT Setting


Drivers BHT

Setup tool to enable BHT parameter setting from PC

  • Simplifies BHT installation settings and applications
  • Allows transferring of setting information to BHT via wireless LAN or cradle after inputting settings on PC
  • Supports special types of settings such as IP addresses

*Requires one license per PC

Download DataSheet (PDF)

BA Setting

BA Settings

Drivers BHA

Setup tool to enable Bluetooth adapter BA11 parameter setting from PC

  • Advanced search function allows quick identification of connected Bluetooth device.
  • Whenever product is upgraded, scanner can be updated with new firmware available at QBdirect.

Note: Supports BA 10-RKU scanners

*Download free from QBdirect

Download DataSheet (PDF)

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