Application Development

BHT Adv. Pack


  • Easily configure applications on a PC without programming
  • Easily introduce a wide range of BHT applications, from simple barcode-data collection to full-scale master-data reconciliation.
  • Package covers wide range of functions, from job application development to actual operation
  • Includes an application generator, master file manager, and communication tool. The communication tool supports serial, LAN and RF communication between the BHT and a PC during operation.


  • Application Generator: Use to configure job tasks, BHT screens and more.
  • Master File Manager: Use to convert Access, Excel and CSV files into master files and perform version control on master files.
  • File Transfer File: Use during operations and when downloading applications to a BHT. Remains on permanent standby, sending and receiving data.


Inventory/Stock Control

  • Create an inventory control sheet by converting scanned data into Access or Excel format.

Data Matching

  • Verify identical data and group. Supports a variety of operations, from simple reel replacement to parts-compatibility checking.

Picking/Shipping Inspection

  • Supports outgoing inspection (verification) according to the individual work orders registered in the master file.

Receiving/Incoming Inspection

  • Verifies that delivered items have been received and placed in correct location.

*Requires one license per PC


Download DataSheet (PDF)

Basic 4.0 Dev. Pack

Basic 4.0 Dev. Pack

BHT Basic


Software Tool for Developing Applications

Contains everything necessary to develop applications for BHT Series terminals:

  • BHT-BASIC4.0 Compiler (including BHT-BASIC3.6)
  • BHT-BASIC4.0 Remote Debugger (with debugging of BHT-BASIC3.6 enabled)
  • BHT-BASIC4.0 Transfer Utility (including BHT-IR protocol)
  • PC-BHT cable

Easy-To-Use Programming Language

  • Employs BHT-BASIC language (based on Microsoft MS-BASIC), ideal for handheld terminals
  • Includes commands and functions exclusively used for barcode reading and data reception/transmission
  • Works in interpreter environment, ensuring reliable operation even if programming errors are made

Expanded Functions

Expands core elements of BHT-BASIC3.6, such as size of program and data file and length of variable and label, resulting in much greater flexibility.**

High Compatibility

BHT-BASIC4.0 compiler allows compiling of source program written by BHT-BASIC3.x without changes.***

*Requires one license per PC

** Expanded elements are for BHT-300 Series terminals only. BHT-8000 Series still use existing BHT-BASIC3.6 core elements.

*** Hardware-dependent programs, such as communication speed, should be appropriately modified.

Download DataSheet (PDF)

Easy Pack


BHT Easy
  • Create data collection applications for BHT-900
  • Allows data collection as well as 1:1/1:n verification
  • Communication tool included
  • BHT-900 can connect to a PC through either a direct USB connection, an RS-232 connection (CU901) or USB (CU921 (communication unit)) cradle

*Download free from QBdirect


Download DataSheet (PDF)

Remote Debugger


BHT Debugger
  • Monitor Running State of a Program on a BHT
  • Perform single-line, stepwise execution and set brake point to monitor running state; easily debug programs by checking value of variables and stack state.
  • Manage Multiple Applications At the Same Time
  • Manage and debug multiple application programs in a single workspace, including switching between different application programs.
  • High-Speed Transfer of Application Programs
  • Compresses BHT application program to allow fast uploading of debugged programs.

Note: Does not support BHT-800 Series terminals

*Requires one license per PC

Download DataSheet (PDF)

Program Converter


Conversion tool translates BHT-BASIC3.6-format program into BHT-Basic4.0 format

PD3-based programs created by the BHT-BASIC3.6 compiler can be converted to programs that can run on BHT-300/500/600/800/900 Series terminals (BHT-BASIC4.0 system).

*Download free from QBdirect

Download DataSheet (PDF)

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