2 Dec 2021

Datalogic is pleased to announce new models of the Matrix 320 2MP Scanners

These new models complete the current Matrix 320 offering providing the full set of solutions for TRACEABILITY with maximum flexibility in covering the applications with both full assembly and modular assembly options.

A complete solution with top performance to achieve higher productivity at the best price/performance ratio - EMPOWER your SOLUTIONS! Top performance on labels and DPM scanning with a superior sensor 2MP (1920 × 1080 pixels 16:9) aiming to achieve 3MP performance with a lower cost Extreme application flexibility with its native modularity and extended portfolio of lenses, lighting, filters, and accessories Full assembly models with Liquid Lens guarantee plug and play use especially for end users and partners - EMPOWER your OPERATIONS and INSTALLATION! The new 6mm Liquid Lens (LQL) models with a wide view angle together with the already available LQL 9mm medium and LQL 16mm narrow view angle completes the offering of the models with electronic focus increasing FOV coverage together with remote focus control for extreme flexibility in production. LQL models improve the ‘out of the box’ solution offerings the electronic focus to reduce installation time and production line setup time in case of batch changes with strong time savings and higher productivity, even in the most complex and flexible environments. Modular assembly C-Mount models for the highest flexibility in the selection and combination of the parts - EMPOWER your SALES! The new C-Mount modular assembly models provide a complete portfolio with a full set of interchangeable lenses (4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm), illuminators (blue, red, white, IR, UV lights) and accessories with a smart modular design. The C-Mount solution reduces feasibility time and costs helping the system integrators to find effective powerful solutions for vertical applications in any industrial environment while growing their business opportunities. The high performing C-Mount lenses together with the smart illuminators, the new platform and the innovative sensor provide the highest reading performance and wider application area coverage with greater FOV and high intrinsic DOF independently from focus selection. System Integrators and Datalogic Partners will enjoy the Matrix 320 2MP benefits that will open new business opportunities and strengthen relationships. The Matrix 320 2MP models compliment the current Matrix family of Matrix 120 and Matrix 220, once again establishing the Datalogic leadership in Stationary Industrial scanning. DOWNLOADS KEY FEATURES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION DATA SHEET SALES PRESENTATION ASSEMBLY TUTORIAL VIDEO • Innovative 2MP sensor (1920 × 1