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CR950 Series


The value of performance.

The CR950 is an aggressive barcode reader that rapidly decodes 1D and 2D barcodes. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use over long shifts, and unmatched durability makes it an investment that will last.

The CR950’s versatility and value don’t stop there.

This easy-to-use, durable barcode reader outperforms single-line laser scanners and linear imagers with full omnidirectional barcode reading. Combined with its programming versatility, the CR950 quickly and reliably transmits barcoded data into any enterprise solution.

Driver license parsing applications speed up in-store credit applications and loyalty form processes, while reliable barcode reading from mobile device screens maximizes its productivity in retail environments.

The CR950 thrives in fast-paced environments, and will seamlessly transition from in-stand to out-of-stand reading. For increased efficiency users can select from continuous scan or motion detection barcode reading modes.

A fast, flexible device, the CR950 is an unbeatable addition to your growing operation.


CR1100 Series

The Code Reader™ 1100

The Code Reader™ 1100 (CR1100) is a compact, cabled barcode reader that takes up limited workspace without compromising barcode reading performance. The patented dual-field optical platform of the CR1100 allows users to quickly scan both wide 1D barcodes and small dense 2D barcodes.

Users can operate the CR1100 handheld or in-stand presentation mode, and for increased efficiency users can select continuous scan or motion detection barcode reading. For fixed mount and OEM applications, the CR1100 features threaded brass inserts for easy installation.

Featuring high speed, omnidirectional barcode reading, extremely low power consumption, and manual or automatic triggering, the CR1100 is the ideal barcode reader for high use environments and excels in reading mobile coupons, ticketing and kiosk applications.

CR1500 Series


The Code Reader™ 1500 (CR1500) is a compact, rugged, tethered barcode reader that features a high-performance scan engine, patented dual-field optical platform and intuitive targeting that makes reading 1D, 2D and postal barcodes extremely fast and reliable. Built for either healthcare or industrial purposes, this reader is ready to thrive in either demanding setting.

The healthcare CR1500 (CR1500-HC) is built with CodeShield® Level 3 disinfectant-ready housing, is PVC-free and IP54 rated, protecting the performance of the CR1500 against harsh chemical cleaning agents, dust, and water ingress–even multiple drops to concrete.

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CR2700 Series


The CR2700 is Code’s fourth-generation healthcare barcode reader, combining nearly twenty years of market experience with new, slick features for improving patient care. We took unparalleled scanning performance and stepped it up a notch, tackling even more damaged and poorly printed barcodes to keep nurses moving.

Worried about infection control? The CR2700 is your answer! With the introduction of wireless (inductive) charging, Code has eliminated any exposed metal. Combined with seamless construction, the only IP65 rating on the market, and top-of-the-line CodeShield® plastics, the CR2700 can be quickly and completely wiped down with even the harshest chemicals.

The CR2700 introduces Bluetooth® 5 to healthcare scanning, increasing the security level on data transmission. By implementing a Low Energy radio, Code has extended the battery life on the new reader to further minimize downtime during shifts. A built-in gauge tells users when it is time to change the battery, which can quickly be swapped for a fresh one, getting nurses right back to caring for patients.

The state-of-the-art CR2700 is also packed with a slew of features to help hospital IT efficiently deploy and manage their scanners. With the ability to track service start dates and vital battery statistics, the CR2700 provides a new level of asset visibility and replacement planning. Code is also ready to assist with installation and training options to ensure a smooth rollout, and Code Complete protection plans practically eliminate downtime. Code knows healthcare barcode scanning and the CR2700 is the new gold standard.

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CR5000 Series

The smaller, faster barcode reader that keeps customers and data moving.

Designed for fast-paced environments, the CR5000 handles data from 1D, 2D and postal barcodes with speed and flexibility. Advanced data formatting capability provides dependable data integration into any platform, system or solution, including iOS applications; while customizable driver license formatting lets users target specific information to populate fields on loyalty, credit card applications, and more. Featuring image capture technology, the CR5000 lets users store coupons or signatures without specialized software.

The CR5000 is more than a barcode reader, it’s a tool that adds workflow efficiency.

Smart and reliable, the perfect barcode reading solution for high-traffic, fast-paced environments.

With rapid hands-free operation and optional trigger barcode reading, the CR5000 easily reads small, low-contrast and damaged barcodes on any surface type, including illuminated mobile device screens. No longer must mobile phones slow down the flow of customers through airline check-in or retail checkout. With an optional Age Verification mode the CR5000 additionally supports business security without sacrificing efficiency. The CR5000 is an easy-to-configure, easy-to-use, multi-purpose barcode reading solution that will enhance operations in any industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Hands-free operation or optional trigger reading large, heavy, bulk items
  • Quickly reads barcodes from mobile device screens
  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • User feedback with programmable LED and audible tone good read indicators
  • Customizable driver license data formatting for loyalty and credit applications
  • Optional Age Verification solution
  • Data editing and formatting with JavaScript
  • Compatible with Code’s rapid disconnect USB, RS232 and Bluetooth Affinity® cables
  • Efficient power consumption



Protect your business and minimize risk.

It only takes one age verification error in the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and other age restricted products for a retailer to face penalties that could threaten the reputation or even the future of a business.

To protect businesses from age verification infractions, Code has designed reliable, easy-to-use solutions that leverage Code’s unique knowledge of the marketplace and long-term relationships with government agencies.

With accurate, on-the-spot reading of government issued barcoded identification, the CR3600AV and CR5000AV are stand-alone solutions that do not require a PC or manual management of data to alert a clerk of an underage patron.

Both solutions can be configured to process numerous age restricted products with varied legal age requirements, and both products have been programmed to comply with the various state requirements for consumer data management.

Features & Benefits

  • Reads all AAMVA-compliant barcoded Driver Licenses
  • Does not require a PC or manual management of data
  • Audible tone alerts user of underage patron
  • May be configured for primary and secondary minimum ages
  • Integrates into POS, loyalty, and inventory workflows
  • Quickly reads barcodes from mobile device screens
  • Tethered via Code’s USB or RS232 Affinity® cables
  • Communicates to Bluetooth-enabled devices, via Code’s T500 Bluetooth cable


CR6000 Series

Code Reader™ 6000

Read barcodes of all shapes and sizes.

Not all barcodes are created equal.Enter the CR6000, an industrial grade direct part mark (DPM) imager designed to scan barcodes of every sort. The CR6000 effortlessly reads etched, embossed, dot peen, low-contrast, and postal barcodes. It easily decodes dense and extremely small barcodes. Designed with multiple illumination fields, the CR6000 intuitively selects the field that is most efficient at reading each barcode type. This results in quick and accurate data collection from hard-to-read surfaces, damaged barcodes, and those that are smudged, dirty, or even caked with debris. This makes the CR6000 ideal for component tracking on assembly lines and other manufacturing applications.

In tough environments, a tool you can rely on.

Versatile and efficient, the CR6000 is an essential tool for high-traffic manufacturing operations with less-than-ideal environmental factors. With a durable, easy-to-clean plastic housing that protects against dust and dirt, the CR6000 is built to last with unrivaled performance and quality.


CR7000 Series


The CR7018 is built for the mobile clinician. When you are taking your healthcare workflow mobile, you need the best case to protect your iPhone 7 or 8. The CR7018 is the industry’s first fully-enclosed battery backup case. Built with PVC-free CodeShield® disinfectant-ready plastics and Dragontrail™ Glass, your phone has never been so ready to face the harsh healthcare chemicals. Fully enclosed means fully protected from bacteria unlike consumer-grade cases trying to fit this space. Since the CR7018 is purpose-built for healthcare it not only protects the mobile investment–there is just simply no place for germs to hitch a ride.

Does your phone struggle to stay alive during long shifts? The CR7018 features an easily swappable, external battery that more than doubles the life of your phone. The CR7018 is supported by a flexible battery charging system. The 5 and 10-bay chargers can be mounted horizontally or vertically to fit any workspace. The chargers provide a clear indication of each battery’s charge status. Never guess again. Simply walk up, swap the battery with a full one, and get right back to work!

BatteryTrak is a mobile application designed for the CR7018. This app will show you real-time battery vitals like deployment dates, state of health, and serial numbers. Start proactively managing your fleet of battery cases.

If the need for barcode scanning arises in your mobile workflow, don’t worry! Our zero-miss decoding software, CortexDecoder® can be easily integrated into your application.

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CortexDecoder Software

CortexDecoder Software


CortexDecoder for Epic Rover now gives Rover users the long-awaited feature of reading barcodes using only the camera of their Apple iOS devices, eliminating the need for additional dedicated barcode scanning hardware. Experience the same zero-miss decoding power found in Code’s handheld barcode readers with CortexDecoder.

Epic is among the first of the major HIS vendors to offer software-driven decoding. After previously releasing a limited function decoder option a few years ago, Epic learned that mission-critical healthcare environments need the best decoding software on the market.

Code, and its powerful decoding software technology are excited to be the only iOS provider for this soft-scan feature within Rover (CortexDecoder for Epic Rover) supporting healthcare professionals worldwide.

Users must have Rover 6.0 or higher and Epic Server 2017 or higher or may sandbox test in Rover Soft-scanning with Epic Rover is currently only available for use with Apple iOS devices.


CortexDecoder for AllScripts Sunrise UsersCortexDecoder for Allscripts delivers Sunrise users the eagerly anticipated and also long-awaited feature of mobile barcode scanning for iOS and Android devices. Exclusively sold through Allscripts, Sunrise customers can now receive the enterprise-grade scanning solutions they need for any workflow without the additional hassle or cost from scanning sleds or dedicated scanning hardware. Interested?

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