About Code Corporation by Brady

Code designs, develops and manufactures image-based bar code readers and portable data terminals and provides software tools for data collection applications development. With expertise in optical engineering, electronic imaging, mechanical packaging, software development, and wireless communications technologies - including Bluetooth™ - Code is an innovative leader in the Auto Identification and Data Collection Industry.

Code has developed a suite of hardware and software tools enabling businesses to manage their unique data collection and reporting needs. While bar coding is often identified with managing inventory, more recently the need to identify people and actions as part of processes has opened doors for the use of Code’s products.

Founded in 1997 and shipping reader products since 2000, Code Corporation by Brady is a privately-held company with key customers in industries examining new uses for innovative data collection and reporting technology, such as:  Health Care, Event Management, Public Safety, and the Electronics, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Technology and Automotive Manufacturing fields.  Code’s products are deployed world-wide and are sold through distributors, value-added resellers, and original equipment manufacturers.

Code owns several proprietary technologies, including: GoCode, a matrix-type two-dimensional symbology for secured data applications; Dynamic Optimization Technology (DOT) for unsurpassed reading performance; and CodeXML, a data collection applications enable system.

Code utilizes manufacturing resources worldwide.  Code’s operations are focused on continuous improvement of our products.  Code is unsurpassed in its ability to quickly implement advanced data collection technologies.

Code is head-quartered in the Salt Lake City, Utah metropolitan area.

Joshua Kaihlanen

Business Development Manager
Phone: 800-354-9776 ext. 3320
Email: jkaihlanen@bluestarinc.com

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