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Citizen Connection Partner Program


The New CITIZEN Connections Partner Program is making it even easier for VARs to promote and sell Citizen. With Citizen Connection, VARs receive benefits that will help you create new business opportunities. Anyone can be Connection Partner--all you have to do is meet minimum purchase volume and company support metrics. When you become a Citizen Connection Partner, you'll earn Value Points for every $50 in printer purchases through qualified distribution, based on the tier you sign up for.
You can apply these points to key areas to help you grow your business, including MDF Value Points towards BlueStar Fusion marketing programs, co-branded marketing collateral, demo equipment, and more.

You can also save up your points and trade them in for cash at the end of the year for pure profit.
There are four different tiers in the Citizen Connection program--Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Your points awards will increase with each progressive tier, and Top Category VARs in each tier will get even more perks through this program.

To apply please choose the best format of the application for you, Word or PDF and send to me, Bethany Winders at bwinders(at)

Citizen Connection Word Application

Citizen Connection PDF Application

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Sondra Fields

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