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BluePRO® Bluetooth Device

BluePRO® Bluetooth Device

Can your POS hardware also become mobile? Yes! The BluePRO® Bluetooth device when integrated with a trusted business partner enables a cash drawer to pair with a mobile device allowing retailers to wirelessly synchronize and create a one to one relationship between a cash drawer and tablet. The BluePRO® device requires integration with a trusted software business partner.

Business Types: All Retail Formats

Product Benefits:

  • Enables a printer-driven cash drawer to be Bluetooth-ready
  • A Bluetooth-enabled cash drawer solution may be shared by one or more tablets
  • Requires integration with a trusted software business partner

Available In: U.S., Canada, other North American locations pending

NetPRO® Interface

NetPRO® Interface for Cash Drawers

NetPRO® cash drawers are available in both wired and wireless configurations and will communicate with retailer’s mobile POS devices for cash drawer control. Worried about keeping an eye on the checkout? NetPRO® cash drawers collect the transaction data, supplying the information necessary to identify security issues and to validate cashier training.

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Stratis Integration System

Stratis Integration System

Moving to a tablet based system? Still want the look and feel of an integrated POS terminal while maintaining the flexibility of Thinbility POS? The Stratis™ Integration System can solve your problems.

Designed to present the tablet to both the clerk and the customer with a smooth rail system, the Tablet Holder has a pleasing look and is feature rich.

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APG Connectivity Guide

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