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Give the customers what they want...
information at the swipe of a fingertip.

Combining the power of a desktop computer and the user experience of a table, the Monarch is the ideal built-for-purpose kiosk designed for retail, hospitality, and commercial applications.
While providing a powerful 1.4GHz processor, a 10.1" color display, integrated 2D barcode scanning and an optional WiFi/Bluetooth radio, the Monarch consumes less than 13 watts of power and comes PoE Ready (Power-over-Ethernet).

Put the Power of the Monarch at your customer's fingertips with modern touch friendly apps:

The Monarch is the ultimate in power and versatility, unmatched by any other self-service kiosk in its class. With it's capacitive touchscreen, your customer-engagement potential expands to new heights as apps with gesture and swipe technologies make intuitive interaction possible.

Standard Features:

  • The Monarch is available with Windows™ 8.1, Windows™ 10, Android™, or Linux operating systems, and is ideally suited for...

    • Leverage traditional Windows Applications
    • Develop Windows 8™ Modern-style apps.
    • Utilize Projective Capacitive Multipoint Touchscreen for gesturing/swiping.

    • Seamless enterprise integration and management, same as Windows PCs and Servers.
    • Enhanced Security Technologies: Secure Boot, Trusted Boot and BitLocker.
    • Advanced Lockdown Features utilize USB, Gesture, Keyboard, Dialog, Notification and Unified Write filters.

  • 10.1" Hi-Resolution Capacitive Multi-touch Screen

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Powerful Hardware Platform for a Variety of Tasks

The Phoenix, from AML, is a full-featured, small form-factor kiosk with a wide variety of application possibilities. Powered by Windows® Embedded CE 6.0, and featuring a number of user input/output options, the Phoenix is perfect for a contemporary time-and-attendance terminal, a retail price checking kiosk, an access control device, a digital sign, or a general purpose kiosk designed to put information at the fingertips of the customer. The Phoenix replaces the ADT KML900 and features a faster processor and reduced boot time.

Standard Features:

  • Full 5.6" VGA color display with touchscreen
    Display colorful, engaging images and provide finger-touch navigation via the touch screen panel.
  • Wired or wireless network connectivity
    Connect to a LAN via Ethernet or use the optional 802.11b/g/n radio.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ready
    Power the device over the Ethernet connection and enjoy the freedom of not having to physically locate the device in an electrical outlet.
  • Use Barcode, Magnetic Stripe (MSR) or HID® Proximity readers for user input
    The Phoenix can be equipped with any combination of 1D or 2D type barcode readers, or magnetic stripe or HID® proximity card readers.
  • Multiple USB and RS-232 ports
    Multiple ports mean multiple options for keypads, printers and other accessories.
  • User programmable I/O
    Configure the four front-panel switches as hot keys or for navigation purposes. 
  • Internal relays and optically isolated inputs provide the ability to interface with external devices like beacons or door locks.
  • Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Operating System
    Use standard Windows® embedded software tools including Microsoft® Embedded Visual C++ and Visual Studio to develop custom applications for the Phoenix. For managed, cross platform software development, the Phoenix fully supports the .NET Compact Framework.

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Vivid, Interactive Media for an Enhanced Experience

The KDT3 Multimedia Kiosk is a small form-factor, self-service kiosks from AML. With its powerful architecture, the KDT3 is capable of running full screen video, playing stereo audio, scanning barcodes, and displaying stunning images on its SVGA color display. The KDT3 is the ideal kiosk for retail or commercial applications where the quality of the image and the delivery of the message is paramount. If a picture equals a thousand words, the KDT3 speaks volumes.

Standard Features:

  • 600 MHz processor
    More than enough processing power to play full screen videos and stereo audio.
  • 8.0" SVGA display with touchscreen
    Run powerful video messages or display vivid, colorful images for high impact messaging.
  • Wired or wireless network connectivity
    The KDT3 comes standard with an Ethernet port or can support an optional Wi-Fi radio.
  • Windows® CE 6.0 operating system
    Use standard Windows® embedded software tools including Microsoft™ Embedded Visual C++ and Visual Studio® to develop custom applications for the KDT3.
  • Integrated Barcode Scanning
    Choose between high performance omni-directional scanning or lower cost options for 1D directional scanning.
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