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Hands on Practical RFID Workshops

Alien Academy provides in-depth instruction and practical hands-on experience for anyone who needs to know about RFID systems


What You Will Learn

What Does This Mean to Me?

RFID Basics

     ·  Understand how RFID operates

   o  In different environments

   o  Effect of different materials on RFID

     ·       Know what are “Best Practices” and why

How to implement cost effective RFID systems?

     ·       How todays smart readers can simplify your RFID system

     ·       Save you money by eliminating unnecessary system components

Impact of real situations in real environments?

     ·  Initialize, design, manage and troubleshoot RFID Solutions

     ·  Learn to solve a wide range of RFID challenges in complex real-world settings



•   RFID value proposition and how to maximize Return on Investment

•   How to make the components of a RFID solution work together to your business’s best advantage

•   Optimum tag, antenna and reader types for different implementations

•   The impact of standards, regulations and compliance

•   How to ensure optimal tag placement for maximum read rates under a variety of conditions

•   Effect of various materials on product tagging, including utilizing challenging material properties to enhance read performance

•   Hands-on with the latest RFID antenna, reader, and tag designs

•   Best analysis, design and implementation practices

•   The pros and cons of deploying RFID at various pinch points throughout the supply chain.

•   Interrogation zone basics

•   Testing and troubleshooting an RFID implementation

•   Design selection criteria

•   Site analysis

•   RF physics and its impact on a successful RFID deployment

•   RFID peripherals including conveyors, stretch wrappers, fork trucks, portals, handhelds, printers, applicators and more

•   Sources for further help and guidance


Designed For:

•   Those new to RFID and need an in depth class-room and practical hands-on introduction

•   Those implementing RFID systems that need to accelerate their current RFID understanding

•   Anyone needing to understand RFID “best practices”

•   People who need to understand what the latest RFID technologies can accomplish

•   Implementers looking to understand how to implement cost-effective RFID systems

•   Technical managers who need to understand where RFID works well and not so well

•   Anyone planning to carry out an RFID site survey themselves


Who Should Attend?

•   Application Architects & Engineers

•   Converters

•   Distributors/VARs/VASPs

•   End-users

•   Hardware/Software Engineers

•   Management Professionals

•   RFID Consultants

•   Solution Providers

•   Supply Chain Professionals

•   System Architects & Engineers

•   Systems integrators


Join the pace-setters of modern RFID as they lead a hands-on, in-depth study of the latest architectures, standards, and components that comprise today’s state-of-the-art RFID environments. Our RFID experts will illuminate the choices and demonstrate techniques that ensure the best possible RFID solutions for you.

Students are actively challenged to analyze business case factors, customer requirements, environmental factors, equipment configurations, and workflow processes to determine their impact on ongoing RFID success.

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