TEConnect Stay-at-Home Fest


NOVEMBER 19th, 2020

From Your Home

This half day event is offered to you by BlueStar Canada. We truly hope that it acts as an educational guide to help you go through these uncertain times and that it brings you the best tools and solutions to hit the market now! Sit down in the comfort of your home office, and gain insight on how to adapt to this new reality.

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This event is organized in 2 parts.

You'll have 2 high level overviews of the state of the business in Canada during this pandemic. Then multiple sessions on Covid Solutions will be presented to you by different vendors. More details on the agenda and the guest speakers will be revealed soon, stay tuned!

What awaits you during this event?

This event has been created for you in order to provide you with the best tools and COVID-19 solutions. With our experts, we will try to answer to the concerns we have identified and ideally guide you towards the best solutions for your market. 

We invite you to register now and to connect to the event platform on November 19th at 1PM, where you will be able to watch our main presentation as well as various 10 minutes’ presentation pitch from our sponsoring vendors and learn about their different COVID solutions. 

You will also have the chance to participate to activities such as lounges where we will have topics on which you’ll be able to discuss with other attendees - A great networking opportunity!

We are thrilled to gather the whole Canadian industry of technology at this event Looking forward to seeing you for the BlueStar Stay-At-Home TEConnect Fest!







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