14 Feb 2020

Meet Zebra Circular Economy Programs

Location: United States and Canada

Zebra’s new Certified Refurbished Devices, Buy-Back and Recycle Services programs enable partners to help customers traverse technology gaps and accelerate technology refreshes while demonstrating social responsibility.

Zebra Circular Economy Program

Zebra’s Circular Economy Program offers four main components that together will improve Zebra's environmental footprint while creating additional opportunities for our channel partners. These programs, which will commence in North America, continue in EMEA and later expand to other regions, include:

Device Buy-Back Program
This program will help drive and accelerate technology refreshes to new Zebra technology, as well as maintain customer loyalty through an integrated Device Buy-Back Program. Our goal is to collect and reuse devices. If devices cannot be reused, we will provide safe recycling options.

Certified Refurbished Device Program
This program offers a reliable and certified supply of end of sale / end of life mobile computers to help customers maintain effective business operations until they are able to upgrade to new equipment, while helping our partners to maintain relationships with customers in between their technology upgrades.

Zebra Recycling Program
This program will provide recycling services for any Zebra, Motorola, Psion, Symbol and Xplore branded mobile computing device, which will free customers and partners from finding third-party recyclers while ensuring our products undergo sustainable recycling.

Refurbished Device Rental Program
This program will allow customers to leverage Certified Refurbished devices for short-term use, which will be extremely useful for seasonal needs. More information including launch dates, regions and products, will be available as we further develop this program.

The Circular Economy Program is part of Zebra's Corporate Social Responsibility environmental program, which focuses on environmental, social and governance initiatives based on our commitments to our stakeholders.