What is included in the Hybrid TX1 Solution?

  • 10.1-inch diagonal HP Pro Tablet 610 G1, pre-loaded with pcAmerica software (Restaurant Pro or Cash Register Express)
  • POS stand
  • Cash drawer
  • USB hub
  • Receipt Printer
  • Software training from pcAmerica
  • 3 year warranty with accidental damage protection; advanced exchange on all hardware


What if I want to add additional hardware, services or support?

  • Any additional hardware and/or services can be added at the time of application


How many solutions are currently being offered via the Hybrid SaaS model?

  • Currently there are two solutions available
  1. TX1 Solution for Retail
  2. TX1 Solution for Hospitality
  • BlueStar has plans to add additional solutions for other verticals in the future


How does the reseller make money selling this solution?

  • The reseller can expect to make up to 30% margin on the sale of these hybrid SaaS  solutions, as well as 3% for financing the opportunity with HPFS


When will the retail and hospitality solutions be available thru BlueStar?

  • BlueStar is anticipating shipment dates in  November


Can resellers get quotes for upcoming deals prior to launch?

  • YES, we can do quick quotes and credit applications today.


How do resellers get financing thru HPFS?


How long does it take to get financing thru HPFS?

  • Typical turn-around time is less than 24 hours


How does the reseller get paid once financing is approved?

  • HPFS will provide a payment to BlueStar for the cost of the equipment and to the reseller for their portion once the approval process is complete
  1.  Approval from HPFS
  2. Customer signs document
  3. HPFS issues approval to reseller to release the equipment to the customer
  4. Reseller delivers and invoices HPFS for the entire transaction (they will sign the AOP as well)
  5. HPFS confirms receipt of equipment with customer 6.  HPFS pays Blue Star and Reseller


Who does the reseller call for support if there is an issue with hardware or software?

  • pcAmerica will be the first line of support and will determine if it is a hardware or software issue
  • For software issues, the reseller will need to call pcAmerica
  • For hardware issues, the reseller will need to call HP’s Retail Support Line


What happens at the end of the subscription?

  • Product will need to be returned to the HPFS (opportunity for technology refresh)
  • Continue Month to Month payment to HPFS until equipment is returned. The Month to Month payment at the end of the subscription does not cover service renewals; customer would have to seek service separately from the Month to Month payment.



Ray Hamilton

Business Development Manager
Phone: 859-371-4423 Ext. 3299
Email: rhamilton@bluestarinc.com