The Ultimate Cost-Effective Touch Computer Built for Business

The TC21 and TC26 touch computers are value-priced devices designed specifically to give businesses of all sizes access to Zebra's best-in-class technology so they can compete effectively without breaking the bank. Backed by Zebra's heritage as a global market leader, the TC21 and TC26 are built with the quality, features and capabilities to support efficient operations for multiple applications and industries. They include a high-resolution 13-megapixel camera, large 5-inch HD touchscreen and removable/replaceable batteries. Plus, they stand up to tough conditions. Drops to concrete, snow, rain, heat, freezing cold—the waterproof and dustproof TC21/TC26 can handle it all.

Multiple configurations at different price points let customers pay only for the features their workers need. The WiFi-only TC21 is ideal for work inside the four walls, while the WiFi/cellular TC26 provides maximum flexibility for applications beyond the four walls such as field service and delivery. These affordable devices are matched by an equally affordable Zebra OneCare™ SV support contract.

Get all the features of the TC26, now with support for the newest wireless technology, Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS). With comprehensive wireless networking, no matter what wireless networking technology workers encounter throughout a shift, they can connect to it all—WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and CBRS. CBRS enables the easy extension of robust wireless services in expansive environments, such as seaports, rail yards, campus-style hospital environments, resorts, golf courses and more, easily covering thousands of acres—outdoors, as well as in every corner of every building. And since one CBRS base station can cover the same area as up to 10 WiFi access points, there is less infrastructure to purchase, deploy and maintain, enabling cost-effective wireless coverage in the largest enterprise environments.

Customers can tailor data capture options to suit their business, whether workers are capturing barcodes all day every day or only occasionally. Because the removable battery can power an entire shift—or even a double shift of 14 hours—workers never have to take the device out of service.

The TC21 and TC26 deliver great value and a low cost of ownership without compromising quality. Every device comes equipped with Mobility DNA Professional, a set of tools that transform Android™ into an enterprise-ready force. For a small fee, unlock a set of powerful advanced tools that take workforce productivity and device management simplicity to a new level with Mobility DNA Enterprise license. Also, with the familiar Android OS, workers need very little training.

A New Level of Features for a Value-Priced Device
You get consumer cell phone pricing but big business features, including a durable design, Android 10 - loaded with new powerful business features, wireless connections and a large 5-inch HD display, plus superior voice quality over cellular (TC26 only) and WiFi networks, all in a lightweight right-sized device designed for one-handed operation.
The Most Options to Customize Your Devices for the Job
For scan intensive tasks, choose from two dedicated scan engines. Get up to 14 hours of power for a double shift with the extended battery. Support technicians in the feild with a 5MP front camera for video calling. A wearable wrist mount provides comfortable hands-free operation - and Zebra's RS5100 Bluetooth ring scanner adds hands-free scanning.
Mobility DNA: An Extraordinary Toolset for Unmatched Value
Every device comes standard with Mobility DNA Professional, a suite of powerful tools that put the TC21/TC26 in a class of its own. Tools are pre-loaded and ready to use. And you can unlock powerful advanced tools that take workforce productivity and device management simplicity to a new level with the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise License.



Innovative Features of the TC21 and TC26 Touch Computers

Lightweight device and large 5-inch HD advanced touchscreen streamlines tasks
Workers have plenty of screen space to display and interact with applications. The touchscreen is easy to view, whether working indoors or outside in bright sunlight. Also, the device is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to operate with one hand, for maximum efficiency. Accessories provide go-anywhere flexibility with carrying and mounting options—including a wearable arm mount for hands-free use.

Deploy a business-ready solution, powered by Zebra's Mobility DNA tools

Pre-loaded tools make it easy to get the TC21/TC26 up and running, capture and send data to applications, keep devices secure and much more. Beyond the complimentary Mobility DNA Professional tool set, customers can unlock more big business tools for a small fee with Mobility DNA Enterprise.

Choose from several data capture options
For scan-intensive 1D/2D applications, choose the SE4710 for faster-than-ever barcode capture. For light to moderate 1D/2D scanning, choose the SE4100. For just every-now-and-then barcode capture, the high resolution 13 MP camera in the base model can do the job.

Removable single-shift or multi-shift battery eliminates mid-shift interruptions

With a removable battery, workers always have the power they need to keep working without interruption. Get 10 hours of power with the standard battery, or choose the extended battery for 14 hours of power—ideal for long or double shifts. With a removable battery, workers never need to take their device out of service for charging.

Provide peace of mind by adding LifeGuard,™ a lifetime security guard for Android™

LifeGuard™ for Android™ provides the security patches and updates customers need to keep the TC21/TC26 secure every day they are in service—up to six years.



Market Opportunity

The TC21/TC26 is designed for the small to medium business (SMB) market.
The devices can also be sold into larger businesses for use alongside our mid-tier and premium mobile computing products, for use by temporary or seasonal employees or others with modest feature needs. They add capabilities that allow you to compete more effectively in the SMB market by closing gaps in the existing TC20/TC25 products for the retail and field mobility markets.

The TC21 touch computer is ideal for use inside the four walls.

TC21 primary markets:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing

TC21 secondary markets:

  • Ancillary healthcare
  • Light warehouse

The TC26 touch computer adds cellular communications, making it perfect for working beyond the four walls.

TC26 primary markets are:

  • Field Service
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Postal
  • Courier
  • Route Accounting

TC26 CBRS primary markets are:

  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Ports and Yards
  • Stadiums
  • Parking Lots
  • Airports
  • Theme Parks

Primary Applications


  • Price check and item lookup
  • Inventory and cycle counts
  • Put-away and replenishment
  • Collaboration (PTT)
  • Picking and collecting
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Asset management

Field Mobility

  • Courier / delivery
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Employee ID check

Warehouse Operations (wearable solution)

  • Sortation
  • Load/unload
  • Click and collect

Ancillary Healthcare

  • Scanning
  • Collaboration (PTT)

Primary Users

  • Retail sales associates and managers
  • Field workers, delivery drivers, merchandisers and seasonal or temporary employees
  • Warehouse personnel and supervisors
  • Ancillary healthcare workers such as porters, cleaners, maintenance staff and some clinical workers



Lead with the TC21/TC26

Lead with TC21/TC26 touch computers when your customers:

  • Have groups of workers who need handheld devices, but not all the capabilities of our mid-tier or premium mobile computers. That's why the TC21/TC26 offers more options than any device in its class including WWAN / WLAN or WLAN only models, standard or extended batteries, customized levels of scanning, a choice of charging and communication accessories, a front 5 MP camera option for video calls and optional Mobility DNA tools.
  • Are budget conscious and do not want to pay for features they don't need. The TC21/TC26 touch computers are available in multiple configurations at different price points so customers only pay for the features they need including connectivity. The WiFi-only TC21 is for workers inside the four walls, while the WiFi/Cellular TC26 is designed for workers out in the field.
  • May have been considering purchasing low-cost mobile phones for their workers. Customers get a new level of business features that improve workforce productivity: Android 10 support, integrated, enterprise-class scanning and data capture, security patches and updates for six years with LifeGuard™ for Android,™ Zebra OneCare® SV service plan and more.
  • Need to provide seasonal or temporary workers with mobile voice and data. The TC21/TC26 is an ideal solution for organizations that have already deployed Zebra devices but also need a value tier device. The TC21/TC26 is based on the same Qualcomm SD660 chipset and OS supported by many other Zebra devices, simplifying device support and management.
  • Are interested in a solution rather than a product. With support for Mobility DNA, the TC21/26 offers unparalleled value. Many powerful complimentary Mobility DNA tools are pre-loaded and ready-to-use, including Mobility Extension (Mx), Enterprise Home Screen, StageNow and Device Diagnostics, making it easy for customers to get their devices up and running, capture and send data to applications and keep their devices secure.




TC21 and TC26 Touch Computer Services Opportunities
Protect Critical Business Operations and Avoid Unexpected Expenses with Zebra OneCare SV

The availability of the Zebra touch computer is key to the success of your customer's business. But without a service plan, a single repair can cost more than the device—and without turnaround times defined in a service plan, the device could potentially be out of service for an extended period of time.

With Zebra OneCare SV Service, you can ensure your customer's Zebra touch computer is online and ready for business, and their critical business processes and operations are performing at peak levels.

Zebra OneCare SV offers unmatched support, right from the manufacturer—experts with unparalleled product knowledge. And, with global a team of experts that speaks 17 languages, we are ready to meet your customer's support needs, no matter where in the world their business is located.

Zebra OneCare SV provides:

  • Support Services:
    • Telephone technical support during local business hours, with 24/7 always-available web self-service via Zebra's online Support Center
    • Software/firmware updates and upgrades
    • Track repair status via the Support Dashboard
    • If customers experience an issue with the device in the field, they can simply activate the Device Diagnostic Tool to get accurate device status information to help with telephone triage with Zebra's Support Center
  • Repair Services:
    • Normal wear and tear and device failure coverage keeps the device up and running in peak condition
    • 5-day depot turnaround repair time
    • Free return ground shipping for repaired devices


  • To address business-critical needs, Zebra offers additional add-on options:
    • With the Commissioning Service Option, customers receive their devices ready to go out of the box back from repair.
    • If customers experience Accidental Damage over and above their Zebra OneCare SV service agreement, no worries. Additional Accidental Damage coverage can be added at any time via Zebra's Per Incident repair process.
    • Need a battery replaced? Zebra's Battery Replacement allows customers to send their device into Zebra by submitting a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) request.

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