6 Dec 2017

    TSC expands its innovative TE200 Series with two more powerful models!

    TSC TE200 Series with two more powerful models: TE210 and TE310.

    The TE210 and TE310 models share the same proven construction and print mechanism but offer more memory and enhanced communication capabilities thanks to new electronic mainboards. Both new models are shipped standard with Ethernet, USB, USB-Host and RS-232 Serial port connections. Bluetooth communication is also offered as an option.

    About the TE200 Series:
    The TE200 Series provides customers throughout the world with a competitive, durable, entry-level desktop printer that is both versatile and easy-to-use. The series now offers four models.

    The first two models available in the TE200 series are the flagship TE200 and TE210 which offer the industry standard 8 dots per mm (203 dpi) print resolution at an industry best 6 inches per second, and the 12 dots per mm (300 dpi) TE300 and TE310 for use with printing small fonts, barcodes, or graphics. The TE200 Series offer customers a great combination of price and performance, that features a fast 400 MHz processor, TE200 and TE300 features 16 MB of DRAM and 8 MB of Flash storage memory, while TE210 and TE310 features 64 MB of SDRAM and 128 MB of Flash memory, and a two-year warranty that is the best in the thermal label printer industry.

    Innovation and Value:
    The new TE200 Series of 4" wide desktop-class thermal label printers were designed and built to deliver best in-class performance at a price other printers in its class simply can’t match. The TE200’s modular thermal transfer print mechanism protected by an outer ABS shell is designed to withstand tough environments. These affordable, hardworking printers will print high quality labels all day long, producing thousands of clear, crisp barcode and identification labels per day.

    Innovations include energy saving Energy Star 2.0 rating matched with an easy to load print mechanism. The printer will take both 1/2" core 72 meter to 110 meter, or 1" core 300-meter thermal transfer ribbons allowing customer to use whichever supply of ribbons they have available. The TE200 offers multiple printer language emulations right out of the box, and a powerful scalable font engine which makes it easy to replace nearly any existing label printers.

    Both the printhead and platen roller can be easily changed without using any tools. The printer features both Gap and Black Mark sensing to accurate label registration. And the media cabinet can handle industry standard 5 inch OD labels on 1" or 1.5" cores or even handle larger 8”OD label rolls on its optional external label unwinder.

    The TE200 Series innovative design offers our resellers new opportunities to satisfy unique market applications. The print mechanism which normally resides within the printer may be purchased separately for those looking to integrate custom label printing capability into their own manufactured designs. Applications for this unique print mechanism can include use with kiosk applications, small label applicators, two color on-demand printing, and two-sided printing.



    • Manufacturing & Warehousing
      • Work in Progress
      • Item Labels
      • Instruction labels
      • Agency labels
    • Healthcare
      • Patient Identification
      • Pharmacy
      • Specimen Identification
    • Parcel Post
      • Shipping Labels
      • Receiving Labels
    • Small Office / Home Office
      • Shipping Labels
      • File Folder Labels
      • Product Identification
    • Retail Marking
      • Price tags
      • Shelf labels
      • Jewelry tags
    SKU Description ORDER
    99-065A101-00LF00TE200, thermal transfer label printer, 203 dpi, 6 ips, USB only, EU power cord for EMEAORDER
    99-065A701-00LF00TE300, thermal transfer label printer, 300 dpi, 5 ips, USB only, EU power cord for EMEAORDER
    99-065A701-U1LF00TE300, EU power cord, internal Bluetooth 4.0 for European UnionORDER
    99-065A301-00LF00TE210, thermal transfer label printer, 203 dpi, 6 ips, USB, internal Ethernet, RS-232, USB Host, EU power cord for EMEAORDER
    99-065A901-00LF00TE310, thermal transfer label printer, 300 dpi, 5 ips, USB, internal Ethernet, RS-232, USB Host, EU power cord for EMEAORDER


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