22 Jan 2018

    NEW SOS & Alerte services for the NX

    Monitor. Predict. Prevent.

    Monitor and prevent issues before they cause downtime.


    In today’s fast-paced manufacturing and logistics environments, operational downtime is a major cause for concern for modern businesses. At SATO, we understand that waiting around for on-site maintenance can be a costly exercise. And in reality, only 14% of all conventional maintenance work carried out by SATO customer engineers on site requires the technical input of an expert.

    That’s why we’ve developed a ground-breaking remote preventative maintenance solution to help keep print operations running on time, all the time with minimal disruption to SATO customers’ operations. SATO Online Services (SOS), is a cloud-based IoT-enabled system that acts as a virtual customer engineer ‘right on site’.

    In addition, for customers who would prefer a network-based solution – SATO Alerte, a secure asset management tool communicates maintenance requirements via email.

    Both the SOS and Alerte solutions have been developed to prevent printer issues before they arise by translating virtual data into actionable, trouble-shooting measures. Compatible with the SATO NX Series of industrial label printers and with a range of packages available, SATO preventative maintenance solutions help customers to eliminate downtime and the associated loss of revenue.