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VARCOM Services

VARCOM Services

BlueStar's VARCOM program features the latest in web, app, social and interactive marketing toolsets as well as many of the proven marketing services offered before. Our strategy is to partner with the top experts in the channel for every aspect of  marketing, ensuring your investment enjoys immediate effectiveness at the highest  level of efficiency. Moreover, these partners understand the significance of this value - add program and the need to have quantifiable results that drive sales. 

For more information, please visit - en/varcom or  contact one of the VARCOM representatives below. 


Jason Firment, VARCOM Director

1 - 800 - 354 - 9776 ext.4230



Rebecca Dauzy, VARCOM Coordinator

1 - 800 - 354 - 9776 ext. 4210



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Standard orders placed by 5 pm EST will be shipped out the same day. Online ordering and shipment tracking is available. Please contact the HP Advantage Care Center Hotline for more information at (888) 261-5986.

No Quotas

No Quotas

Competitive POS manufacturers typically require quotas for resellers to maintain the ability to sell their products. Quota business models can hamper growth due to "closed" territories, be prone to political favoritism, and prevent capable resellers from promoting the most appropriate solution to a retail or hospitality prospective user.

HP and BlueStar require no quotas to resell their products. We encourage as many resellers as possible to have the opportunity to offer HP solutions and support a channel vendor who wants to support them in return. We believe that strength in reseller numbers will result in heavier HP market share, further HP market visibility, and eventual market dominance that will allow for HP to reward their resellers with further partner benefits. Additionally, BlueStar can reward HP resellers who increase their sales by providing free and escalating marketing and business-development services that parallel their successful growth.



Frequently Asked Questions about HP POS at BlueStar

Q. Do I have to be HP Authorized to purchase HP products from BlueStar?

A. HP, Inc. has partner specific phone numbers for their different department to quickly get you the information you need.

Partner Support (General HP Product Questions):
(US): 1-844-305-6881
(Canada): 1-800-668-7670
Warranty Support: 1-800-334-5144
CarePack Support: 1-800-407-6210


Q. What Is the HP RMA Process?

A. HP’s RMA policy requires the reseller to contact HP directly (1-800-334-5144) to obtain a case number. Once a case number is provided by HP, the reseller must contact their BlueStar sales representative and provide them with the case number to start the return process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While case numbers need to be opened directly between the reseller and HP, all returns should be sent directly to BlueStar for processing. Please remember that HP returns cannot be accepted to BlueStar without the HP Case Number.

For additional questions on the HP RMA policy, please contact the HP Business Development team at BlueStar at hp1(at)


Q. Do I have to be HPAuthorized to purchase HP products from BlueStar?

A. No, authorization is not required, however non-authorized resellers may only purchase HP products known as SMARTBUY (SB) items. SMARTBUY’S are select HP products allowed to be purchased without HP authorization. These items are easily identifiable by the description SMART BUY in BlueStore descriptions. All BlueStar HP "Smart Bundles" utilize Smart Buy skus for all items in the bundle.

To purchase the complete line of HP POS products at BlueStar please submit an application for HP authorization. Once approved, you can enjoy the benefits that come with HP Authorization such as cash back through HP 'Spifs'. Additional benefits are available once authorization has been approved by HP.

For more information on becoming an Authorized HP Partner, please click here.


Q. I am already a HP authorized reseller, how do I claim my spifs, and what about rebates?

A. As a service, BlueStar passes any HP rebate currently offered directly to you at the time of purchase*, however, SPIFS are handled directly by HP through the SPIF central portal on the HP

Partner Unison Portal ( 

HP authorization is the first requirement before claiming a “spif”, What you will need are your product serial numbers and the promotion number to process your claim. Your claim should be filed as soon as possible during the promotion period in which is it running; expiration dates are tied to each promotion. 

*Please note the invoice number is the number from RESELLER to their customer, not BlueStar's invoice number to RESELLER. For more information, please refer to the electronic Spif Guide Download HERE. 

*This excludes any customer already receiving rebates from HP Directly.


Q. I want to upgrade my system, but do not need an entire HP bundle, can I purchase items separately?

A. Absolutely, BlueStar has pre-built HP hardware bundles with popular configurations for Hospitality, Retail, Digital Signage, and Back Office making it "order friendly". 

We suggest using the pre-configured bundles from BlueStar, however, we recognize that you may want to add individual components as your needs change. BlueStar offers a full array of HP POS hardware to complement your retail or hospitality point of sale system - all fully backed by our knowledgeable customer-support team and the solid HP Warranty with every product. 

For more information, contact your BlueStar Sales Associate or BlueStar direct at 1-866-261-5286.


Q. I have questions on a particular HP product, who can I talk to?

A. BlueStar encourages you to engage your BlueStar HP Specialist or BlueStar Sales Account Manager. For support questions, please refer to the support contacts above in this FAQ. 

For topics not covered here, please contact BlueStar by calling 1-866-261-5286 or contact the HP Business Development Team at hp1(at)

Ray Hamilton

Business Development Manager
Phone: 859-371-4423 Ext. 3299

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