18 Dec 2017

    CL4NX AEP and Barcode checker

    Optimize your SATO CLNX series with AEP and Barcode checker.

    NX Series Barcode Checker

    NX intelligent standalone solutions.

    The NX series barcode checker option provides a lowcost and simple solution for confirming the readability of barcodes and confirmation that the content is correct.

    Using the intelligent NX internal firmware, the printer is able to approve correctly printed barcodes and identify unreadable symbols and void mark accordingly.


    • NX intelligent standalone solutions
    • Low cost solution
    • Barcode data confirmation
    • Incorrect barcode alerts
    • Incorrect barcode void marking
    • Automatic reprint
    • All major 1D and 2D barcodes
    • CL4NX and CL6NX printers

    Specified for:

    • Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Retail

    NX Series Barcode Checker brochure   


    About AEP – SATO Application Enabled Printing

    SATO Application Enabled Printing allows you to utilize your SATO CLNX series thermal printer as a robust standalone printing solution where you can:

    • Receive data directly from peripheral devices such as barcode scanner, keyboard, weight scale, or other connected devices
    • Process data and manipulate label format variables independently
    • Interact with your host database or ERP systems
    • Read and write data to and from a printer-resident look-up table
    • Network/Cloud communication for external database/webpage access or other external device control


    Application Enabled Printing (AEP)      CLNX Product Page