9 jul 2018

    SATO Linerless Labels: the cost-effective, environmentally responsible labelling solution

    Sato is delighted to introduce the direct thermal linerless labelling solution incorporating a specially formulated release coating and optional perforated tear lines to remove the need for a release liner.

    Linerless labels offer multiple benefits to customers. Not only do they provide a greater number of labels per roll (compared to labels with liners) they also have a positive impact in other areas of business operations. Lower waste disposal costs, labour and transportation savings, reduced storage requirements and increased operational efficiency are just some of the advantages, which in turn equates to a lower total cost of ownership.

    Ideal for price markdown, shipping and shelf-edge labelling applications for receiving, storage, picking and shipping applications in warehousing and for retail environments, linerless labels are compatible with SATO CLNX Series and PW2NX Series printers.

    Benefits of using linerless labels:

    • More labels per roll - increase of 30-40%
    • No liner waste removes the risk of injury through slippage
    • Less waste disposal translates to less carbon emission
    • Reduced transportation costs
    • Supports a lower carbon footprint
    • Less storage space required