23 mei 2017

    Elo mPOS System

    Space-saving mPOS system for Android or Windows

    New I-Series AiO Touchscreen mPOS System

    The new Elo mPOS system is based on the popular and agile I-Series POS computer available in 10 or 15” Android or Windows commercial tablets. The innovative flip-screen stand also integrates standard 3” self-cutting printer, 2D barcode scanner, and EMV cradle for a built-in look using standard commercially available peripherals from leading brands.

    The included touchscreen tablet can quickly ‘flip’ from associate-facing traditional POS to customer-facing self-service ordering. Printer and EMV may be placed in either associate-facing or customer-facing orientations depending on application.

    Elo’s new integrated mPOS platform simply and elegantly solves the problem of using consumer-grade mobile products for POS. Where counter space is limited, the printer stand saves space with a convenient flip mechanism for the touchscreen display and a sleek integrated cable management design. A perfect fit for retail and hospitality, the printer stand seamlessly converts the employee-facing cash register into a customer-facing kiosk with signature capture, upsell and digital promotion capability.

    Product sheets

    Elo mPOS Printer Stand

    Elo I-Series for Windows

    Elo I-Series for Android

    I-Series AiO Touchscreen mPOS System
    E021014 10.1-inch, Android, Arm A15, 16GB Flash, 2GB
    E021201 15.6-inch, Android, Arm A15, 16GB Flash, 2GB
    E222776 15.6-inch, Windows 7, Intel i2, 128GB SSD, 2GB
    E222782 15.6-inch, Windows 7, Intel i5, 128GB SSD, 4GB
    E970376 15.6-inch, Windows 10, Intel i2, 128GB SSD, 2GB
    E970665 15.6-inch, Windows 10, Intel i5, 128GB SSD, 4GB
    E353950 mPOS Printer Stand