QR Draw

DENSO QRdraw Ad software allows users to easily generate QR Code® and other two-dimensional (2-D) barcodes as well as one-dimensional (1-D) codes. Only QRdraw Ad ensures creation of ISO 18004-compliant, optimally readable codes, without compromising your security with unknown QR Code-generating software or Internet sites.

Download DataSheet (PDF)



Creates 2-D codes QR Code

  • PDF417
  • MaxiCode
  • DataMatrix

Creates 1-D codes

  • Code 39 Codabar
  • Code 128
  • Many others




  • Determine smallest printable symbol size (including Quiet Zone) for given printing resolution
  • Create codes in black and white or color
  • Easily set error-correction level and other code parameters via convenient command buttons


[In-place editing]

  • Capable of embedding QRdraw into documentation
  • Embedding creation into application software such as Microsoft® Word
  • Codes can be edited by click once in application


[OLE automation server]

  • Capable of creating code symbols by using macro languages Languages include Microsoft Excel, Access, etc.
  • Can also act as an OLE automation server



  • Print from any printer connected to your PC



  • Save files as: Windows metafile (WMF) Bitmap file (BMP)
  • Create 2-D codes from binary files


[Ease of installation]

  • No hard disk required for installation
  • Simple Internet download
  • Purchase key and immediately begin creating 2-D and 1-D codes

Terminal Emulator


Easy and simple system setup

Allows use of existing online applications directly on the BHT as a terminal. Software development for the BHT is not required, reducing system implementation and maintenance costs.

  • No need for complicated programming
  • Network programming not required for either wired or wireless communication.
  • No need of relay server for connecting terminals

The BHT is designed to communicate directly with host computer and does not require any additional relay server for conversion of connection protocols, resulting in reduced installation costs.

Supports three types of terminal emulation

  • IBM 3278-2 (24 x 80 monochrome)
  • IBM 5251-11 (24 x 80 monochrome)
  • DEC VT52, VT100, VT220

Download DataSheet (PDF)

*Requires one license per PC

BHT Manager


Operation support software

Allows sending of master data and collection of user data; automatically updates OS and application.

  • Provides central network control,
  • reducing work for system administrator.
  • Easy to use; requires no special skill.

Required software

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Note: Supports BHT-800 Series terminals

Download DataSheet (PDF)

*Requires one license per PC

BHT Browser


Browser software enables use of wireless BHT as Web client

  • Supports HTML, XHTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript and similar content with PC browser, reducing development cost.
  • Provides JavaScript barcode-scanning plug-in
  • support for BHT device communication and system; allows use in each environment by supporting local file access.
  • Supports SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Allows linking with programs developed by BHT-BASIC.

Note: Compatible with BHT-800/600 Series terminals

Download DataSheet (PDF)

*Requires one license per PC

Transfer Utility & TU dll pack

Transfer Utility & TU dll pack


Simple Interface

Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for communication between BHT and PC can be called from Windows. The following functions are available in this DLL pack, which contains the DLL files and sample programs:

  • Acquire DLL version
  • Execute file transmission (uploading and downloading)
  • Abort file transmission

Licensed Pack

Five licenses are included in this Transfer Utility DLL Pack**

*Requires one license per PC

**EXE version of Transfer Utility package not included


Simple Operation

Easy one-button communication between BHT terminal and PC (uploading and downloading).

Downloading BHT Programs

BHT application programs created with the BHT-BASIC4.0 or BHT-BASIC3.x compiler can be downloaded to a PC.

Uploading Data Files

Upload text-file barcode data to BHT and download master data. Two types of protocols are available:

  • BHT-IR protocol adapted in the BHT-BASIC3.0 IR Transfer Utility
  • Ymodem (batch) protocol

Download DataSheet (PDF)


***Requires one license per PC

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