Valide: jusqu'au décembre 31, 2023

Resellers who invest in excellence deserve assurance. Epson is delighted to offer an outstanding promotion: Acquire an extended 2-year warranty on all C6000, C6500, and C7500 printers

Brother TD-2000 Price Promotion

Valide: jusqu'au octobre 31, 2023

Do more for less by increasing efficiency with the TD-2000 label, receipt and wristband printers. Adaptable to your business: they can be customized with optional accessories such as the label peeler and the touch panel with LCD display. Get a 15% discount off of your standard price!

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The BarTender® Print Portal App makes professional label printing as easy and flexible as using your smartphone or tablet, and as powerful and secure as BarTender by Seagull Scientific, the world’s most trusted software for creating and automating labels, barcodes, RFID labels, plastic cards and more.