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The flexibility of a PDA, with the power of a terminal

Easy to operate with only one hand, or even with just your thumb.

• Ergonomic key arrangement enables one-hand operation

Easy to hold

• About the same width as a smartphone (57 mm); shaped to fit easily in your hand

Secure grip

• Stable one-hand operation with built-in hand strap

12 function keys

• One-key access for up to 12 frequently used functions

• Backlight allows use in dark environments

Large screen lets you quickly see information at a glance

• High-precision, 3.5-inch HVGA color display clearly shows even small-sized characters


Superfast Scanning. Scans reliably, even at a distance.

• 400 scans per second

• Reads even complicated codes at high speed

• Reading speed is three times faster than conventional laser scanners

• Reads even scratched or damaged codes, so you can work fast without interruption

• Read codes at a distance without having to change position

• Read codes from close up, or as far away as 25 feet or more

• Easy to scan items on all shelves, from top to bottom

• Laser indicates scanning range and center of focus

• Patented scanner rangefinder enables fast scanning


Comprehensive support system available in more than 40 countries throughout the world. DENSO Group operates globally, providing prompt support with a full range of services, from sales to maintenance. Language options allow you to change the language being displayed.


• Fast wireless communication

• Avoid delays caused by network congestion

• Supports IEEE802.11b/g/n, for reliable high-speed wireless communication

• Reconnect to the wireless network in just one second, using DENSO’s proprietary software

• Prevent unauthorized access

• Highly reliable WPA/WPA2 (as well as WEP) network security


Supports an integrated management tool with the world’s largest market share. Dramatically reduces the cost and effort required for application support.

No matter where your terminals are used throughout the world, they are managed by the MobiControl server, resulting in a reduction in the cost and effort required to run them and ensuring that they continue to operate seamlessly.

• Synchronize management server and terminal: Collect data from each terminal and distribute data stored on the server

• Easy to install and update application software: Automatic software updates

• Identify terminal faults when errors occur: Analyze terminal program to dins the cause of the failure

• Enhanced security protects against information theft: Embedded security functions protect in case of terminal loss as well as against server attack or information theft. Automatic software updates


5.0-Megapixel Camera

• Take photos of defective products while scanning

• Convenient autofocus and built-in flash


• Back up RAM data to MicroSDHC

• High-Capacity, 2 GB flash ROM


• Usable in cold storage and even outdoors in hot summer weather

• Operating temperature -4 to 122 ̊F (-20 to 50 ̊C)

• Cylindrical jacket structure protects PCB (main board) from impact, dust and water


Software Development Kit (SDK) specifically for BHT Windows® CE 1

Keyboard interface software [kbifCE] 2

1 Can be downloaded free of charge by customers who have purchased a Windows-version BHT

2 Pre-installed on BHT


• Hand strap

• Stylus pen

• Operation guide

• User manual

Battery and battery cover not included

ACCESSORIES (sold separately)

Transmission unit (cradle)for data transmission between BHT and higher-level devices

• CU-1233 (RS-232C/USB communication, main-unit charging, reserve-battery charging)

• CU1211 (Ethernet communication, main-unit charging, reserve-battery charging)

Direct Cable – Connects BHT to Higher Level Devices

• RS-232C



• BT110LA

• BT120LAC

• BT-110L

• BT-120-L-C

Cases & Shoulder Belt

• SCBHT-1100/1200

• SCBHT-1200Q

• WHBHT-1200

• SBBHT-700

Download DataSheet (PDF)


BHT-700 Series

The BHT-700 was developed as a modular system: it was thus designed to be flexible from the very outset. As a modular handheld terminal the BHT-700 has an open hardware and software platform: it supports various technologies, such as Batch, WLAN, GPRS and Bluetooth®. Thanks to the open architecture, hardware conditions are created, as with a PC, to adapt to different requirements. This permits individual variations and ensures investment security.


Advanced CCD scan system

• No movable parts

• Particularly robust

• Optimum recognition even when barcodes are difficult to read or damaged


Internal interfaces for future technologies

• 2 UARTs

• 1 USB host

• 1 Compact Flash I/F


Long service life

• Shockproof (drop onto concrete from 1.5 m)

• Dust-and water-resistant according to the international standard IP54


Voice control

• One hand operation with side & magic keys

• Supports Voice Picking (headset jack, microphone, receiver)

LCD color display

• Excellent QVGA color display

• High speed display


• CU with USB & RS-232C interface

• 4 slot Ethernet CU

• Vehicle holder with charging function

• Charger

• 4 slot battery charger

• Standard battery

• Large battery

• Power supply

• Gun grip

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