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Zebra card printer solutions offer improved personnel tracking, access control and secure ID badges. Choose from a broad range of single- or dual sided color card printers. Options range from wired and wireless network connectivity, smart card and magnetic stripe encoding, to lamination for higher security and card durability. There is a Zebra card printer to meet all your business needs: from payment cards to driver's licenses, membership cards to employee identification badges, gift cards to ski pass IDs, and much more. 

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Card Software Offerings Fact Sheet

MAC OS Driver Spec Sheet for ZXP 3/ZXP 1

ZC300 Series Card Printer

Compact Card Printers That Deliver it All

Print what you want, when you want, from just about anywhere, all at lightning speed. With the ZC300 Series card printers, you get ground-breaking simplicity, security and connectivity options for even the most complex cards – all in the slimmest fit-everywhere design.

No matter what type of card you need to print — from identity and access to membership, event and credit/debit cards — the ZC300 Series card printers will help you do it better, faster, and easier. Elegant engineering of the ZC300 and ZC350 card printers eliminate virtually all pain points associated with card printing. The result is push-button simplicity no matter what you are printing — single or dual-sided magnetic stripe or contactless cards, in colour or black and white. And with a ground-breaking fits-everywhere design, you can get secure card printing wherever you need it.

When you need even more, the ZC350 delivers the fastest print speed and advanced printing options that allow you to create virtually any card design you can dream up. With support for just about every encoding technology, you can create just about any type of card — credit, debit, identity, access, loyalty, public transportation passes and more. The ZC300 Series — the card printers that deliver it all.

Used for:

  • Employee Badges
  • Education Facility Access Badges
  • Events and Season Passes
  • Food Safety Labeling
  • Education Identification Badges
  • Membership Cards
  • Guest and Passenger Cards
  • Bank Cards


ZC350 Card Printer Data Sheet

ZC300 Card Printer Data Sheet

ZC100 Card Printer

When Only The Best Single-Sided Card Printer Will Do

With the ZC100 card printer, you get groundbreaking simple operation and the slimmest fit-everywhere design, along with a toolbox of additional capabilities that make it even easier to integrate, use and manage for your single-sided card printing needs.

Whether you need to print single-sided employee identity badges or membership and event guest cards, card printing is a crucial aspect of your business. Deployment flexibility and the time it takes to print and manage your card printing solutions all have an impact on your business — from your brand image to staff productivity to overall operational efficiency. Now there’s a new kind of card printer designed to address it all — the ZC100. You get groundbreaking simple operation and the slimmest fit-everywhere design, along with a toolbox of additional capabilities that make the ZC100 even easier to integrate, use, and manage. The ZC100 — when only the best single-sided card printer will do.

Used for:

  • Membership Cards

  • Guest and Passenger Cards

  • Employee Badges

  • Education ID Badges

  • Events and Season Passes

  • Food Safety Labeling

  • Visitor Badges

  • Education Facility Access Badges


ZC100 Card Printer Data Sheet

ZXP Series 7 Card Printers

(ZXP Series 7* now available to all resellers)



*non-laminating models

ZXP Series 7Zebra SupportVirtual Tour
(PDF)ZXP Series 7ZXP Series 7 

Using the latest in Zebra card-printing technology, the ZXP Series 7 provides high-volume high-quality card printing. The printer delivers fast yet reliable performance while offering users exceptional value by lowering the printer’s total cost of ownership. Time after time, it prints sharp vivid cards with precise color control.



IndustryUsed For:
  • Loyalty & Membership Cards
  • Person ID & Access Control


  • Stored Value & Gift Cards
  • Event Cards
  • Insurance Cards
  • Person ID, Movement, Access Control, and Authorization/Authentication
  • Security




ZXP 7 Pro Card Printers

The ZXP Series 7 Pro provides higher volume card printing with all the great features and speed of the ZXP 7.  With a mechanical FIFO output hopper, the ZXP Series 7 Pro is capable of printing 250 plastic cards at one time and comes standard with a magnetic encoder.  Not only that, but each unit is shipped with a complementary license key for Zebra’s Virtual PrintWare Suite, making it even easier to manage multiple units from a single location.  And it’s open-class status means it is available to ALL resellers.  No restrictions, certifications, or partner levels are required.

*Cannot upgrade an existing ZXP 7 in the field to a Pro.  Must buy a ZXP 7 Pro as is.

Download the ZXP 7 PRO Spec Sheet

QuikCard Solutions Bundle

Zebra QuikCard Solutions with CardStudio 2.0




Regardless of whether your customers are printing identity and access cards, or membership cards, card printing is a crucial aspect of their business. The quality and characteristics of the cards, the time it takes to setup and print, and the time it takes to manage the card issuance solutions all have an impact on your customers business.
The ZC100 and ZC300 Series QuikCard Solution will address it all. This easy-to-use, end-to-end solution makes it simple for any size organization to produce high-quality professional cards in minutes. Everything you need to start printing on day one is included in this feature-and value-packed kit. 




See Zebra ZC100 and ZC300 QuikCard Solution Fact Sheet


See Zebra CardStudio™ 2.0 fact sheet for more info


See Zebra ZC100 specifications for more info


See Zebra ZC300 specifications for more info













ZXP Series 9 Card Printer

Photo-Like Image Quality, Market-Leading Throughput

The Zebra ZXP Series 9 second generation retransfer printer delivers photo-like image quality at market-leading throughput. Selectable print modes allow users to easily optimize for print speed or print quality, while standard print mode delivers the same market-leading throughput and photo-like image quality as the prior generation. The all-new fine print mode slows printing down slightly to deliver color images as good as or better than 600 dpi printers in the market.

Users will benefit from a host of new features designed to make printer setup and operation easier: access printer information and support immediately with Android devices and the NFC Print Touch™ feature, or go straight to the printer support web page using any smart device and QR Code technology. Print setup and operation is simplified with a driver and toolbox featuring an all-new user interface.

As a second-generation printer, the ZXP Series 9 benefits from all the improvements made to the prior generation. The new printer includes additional changes designed to improve printer reliability—which means less printer downtime and consistent quality cards from start to finish.



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