Interactive Digital Signs (IDS)

IDS touch displays are available in 10-inch to 70-inch sizes with a choice of industry-leading touch technologies offering versatility across multiple market segments for a heightened user experience. The professional touch displays are developed for heavy duty use and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation.

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I-Series for Android 10-inch, 15-inch and 22-inch Interactive Signage

The newly upgraded I-Series for Android combines commercial-grade reliability with the powerful Android Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor. Delivering 2x the performance of its predecessor, the I-Series brings it all with an integrated TouchPro® PCAP 10-touch display, Android EloView enabled and optional Power-over-Ethernet - all in a compact responsive all-in-one (AiO) computer. Available in black and white, the I-Series AiO offers a variety of mounting options and delivers flexibility for the rigors of continuous public use for in-store interaction, point of sale, self-service, wayfinding, corporate and hospitality environments.

EloView, the secure platform for remote content deployment and device management, makes deploying and manageing the I-Series easy. Since the I-Series and EloView are designed and tested by the same manufacturer, all the features are in sync and the devices set up automatically when connected. Where you need to push new content to a device or simply change the screen brightness, EloView is ready. 



Large Format IDS

IDS Computer Modules

ECMG3 Computer Modules for Windows or No OS

The Elo Computer Module (ECM) featuring the Intel® Core™ 6th Generation CPUs and enhanced graphics engine are available with both Intel i3 & i5 processors for Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 7 or no operating system. The commercial grade computer modules transform Elo's 3202L, 4202L, 4602L and 5502L touchscreens into powerful touchcomputer platforms with compatibility to most content management servers, enabling customer engagement and immersive brand experiences by adding a new exciting dimension to traditional broadcast digital signage - the power of touch.

Key Features

Easy Installation

The Elo IDS Computer Modules slide into the back of the touchscreen display to deliver the industry's thinnest commercial grade all-in-one large format touchcomputers. Field installation is easy with no external cables required. AC power, video and USB signals pass between the computer module and the Elo IDS touch display via an internal docking connector.


Android Media Player

Android Backpack™

The Elo Backpack Android compute engine transforms touchscreen monitors and signage displays into commercial-grade systems capable of running audio and video content, interactive HTML webpages and Android-based apps. Users can easily scale Elo's commercial Android platform to many sizes and form factors enabling a consistent deployment that is cost effective and optimized for commercial use. The Backpack also supports industry-leading peripherals for scanning, payment, printing and biometric input. With potential to revolutionalize the kiosk architecture, the compute engine simplifies delivery of content and enables remote management capabilities via the EloView® portal. 

Power to Perform

Android Kiosk 2.0 - Scalable & Easy to Deploy

With the Backpack, Elo is introducing kiosk integrators to a new architecture that will lower costs, improve scalability and simplify creation of custom kiosks. Elo's Kiosk 2.0 architecture introduces a low-power, solid state fan-less computing solution with the capability to scale deployments and remotely manage kiosks out-of-the-box. Combined with Elo's brilliant commercial-grade touch monitors, integrators can now transform what was a bulky, highly customized kiosk into a sleek and modern design. 

Creating beautiful self-service solutions and deploying a kiosk network is now easier than ever!


NEW Collaboration Solutions for
Corporate & Education Environments!


With the growth of interactive learning and business collaboration on the rise, Elo has partnered with DisplayNote and Qwizdom to offer a FREE one-year software subscription with the purchase of select Elo hardware providing new solution offerings for corporate and education environments. The single-sourced product bundles, tested at the factory level, deliver the same quality and reliability Elo is known for with the added value of collaboration-ready software. Whether presenting, brainstorming or collaborating, Elo can help address the growing demand for live and interactive experiences. 

Collaboration Accessories

Further enhance the collaboration experience with Elo's Collaboration Tray and Webcam accessories.

The Collaboration Tray paired with an Elo touchscreen simplifies team work for enterprise applications. Designed for use with the IDS product line, the Collaboration Tray is compatible with any third-party corporate or education collaboration software solution - transforming the IDS display into an Collaboration Hub via the open platform architecture of Elo's IDS products. 

The tray kit includes two styluses optimized for use with Elo's PCAP and IR touchscreens across a variety of interactive whiteboard and annotation applications. Also, included in the tray is a front access USB port for direct and immediate content sharing from any member of the meeting when paired with an Elo embedded computer module (ECM). 




Expand conference room and classroom setup with Elo's 02-Series Webcam which easily attaches to the micro USBs that are located on each side of the monitor. 

Supported operating systems include Windows7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X and later, and Android OS Jellybean or later. 


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