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BlueStar's Solutions-as-a-Service Program

SaaS means “Solution-as-a-Service”, and not “Software as a Service”. This flexible finance program can be customized by our partners to fit their individual business models and go-to-market strategies.

BlueStar's Hybrid Solutions as a Service provides you with flexible financing options to fit any business model. In our suite of offerings, you can bundle your software, hardware, service contracts, installation, training, and more into one low payment for your end-user. And you can get paid in any way you see fit - monthly, one lump sum or a mix of both. Our suite of offerings will provide you with the ease to do business day to day. Let us consult with you today to optimize your business needs!

How HybridSaaS Works

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CAPEX (Capital Expenditure)

The entire cost for the solution is paid up front as in a traditional sales model.

OPEX (Operational Expenditure) 

The cost for the solution is paid in monthly or annual installments.

Subscription Based Model

The cost of the solution is based on the consumption of units of “X”, where “X” could be units of time, like a month or year. In a blockchain solutions, “X” could be gigs of data locked down and secured, or number of transactions secured. In last mile delivery solutions, the units may be miles delivered or POs delivered.

Rip & Replace Model

The cost of the solution is paid on a monthly basis, and after a period of 3, 4, or 5-years, the entire solution is completely replaced with new hardware, software, and services and another 3, 4, or 5-year contract is signed and the process is repeated. Rip & Replace is generally combined with a Subscription Finance Model.