15 juin 2018

    TPH Care – A New Feature in TSC Printer Management (TPM) Utility

    The TSC Printer Management (TPM) utility has a new feature called TPH Care Function, which allows users to check the condition of the printhead. It easily verifies the printhead element to determine if there are any defects.

    Simply start the TPM utility as outlined below and you can print a "TPH Test Page" which shows a waveform of the heater element resistance values. If there is a spike in the waveform, then there is a printhead element issue. Users can set the dot failure threshold in the TPH Care tab. The printer will indicate an error when the failure threshold is reached. 

    The TPH Care Function is currently available on the DA210 and DA220 printer models and will be extended to other models over time.

    To start the printhead heating element test, follow these procedures:

    1. Start the TPM utility by clicking the "Printer configuration" button then "TPH Care" tab.
    2. Select "On" for the TPH Care Auto Protection.
    3. Set the threshold for the "Unhealthy TPH dot number" field.
    4. Click "Set" to diagnose the TPH unhealthy dots.
    5. When the diagnostic process is complete, the numbers of unhealthy dots will be shown in the "Unhealthy TPH dot number" field.

    The TPH Care feature is a preventive solution to stop a printing job once damage to the heating element is detected. This will help minimize the loss of consumables, labor and the time to reprint labels.

    TSC is a leading manufacturer in the bar code industry, and strive for innovation by introducing more features for the valued customers.

    The utility software can be downloaded in the SUPPORT & DOWNLOAD area on the TSC website.

    Each printer model provides a section of Downloads. You will find this software in UTILITIES when you selected the printer model that you want to check.