25 juil. 2017

    Discover the complete DESKTOP offer of TSC

    Three NEW DESKTOP models to fullfill all printing needs.

    Discover the complete DESKTOP offer of TSC

    TSC Auto ID is certainly the most experienced manufacturer for THERMAL DESKTOP PRINTERS worldwide.

    In 1991, TSC introduced the «Clamshell Design» with 40,000 units for UPS and now, in 2017, we provide the largest portfolio in the market.

    Three NEW DESKTOP models to fullfill all printing needs

    DA200, TC200 or TE200 series - TSC offers you the perfect desktop as new printer for your application or as replacement for any existing device.

    Nice high quality printers to cover various label printing needs!



    Thermal Direct, 4inch

    The perfect and smallest Desktop printer for Parcel Delivery Labeling. No need for ribbons. Units available with USB+Ethernet and also with Bluetooth or WiFi. Convincing Price/Quality/Features Ratio.

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    Thermal Transfer, 4 inch

    Thermal Direct support and 110m ribbon capacity.

    The units provides a large media support for paper but also syntehic media with good resitance.

    TC210/310 models are fully equipped with USB+RS232+Parallel Port+Ethernet & have a colour display and USB Host to connect a scanner or keyboard.

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    Thermal Tranfer, 4 inch

    Thermal Direct support with 110m (0.5 inch core) or 300m (1 inch core) ribbon capacity.

    The most versatile model with all specifications needed in a compact format.

    Powerful hybrid electric motor for increased print speed.

    Enlarged media support for paper and also synthetic media with high resistance.

    The basic 200/300 units include USB and optional Bluetooth; the upcoming TE210/310 models will be equipped with USB+RS232+Ethernet+USB Host.

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    All 3 printer series models are available with optional cutter, peel-off module and in 203 dpi or 300 dpi resolution. They are native EZD to support out of the box ZPLII EPL2 and also DPL language. All printers come with a 2 year warranty as standard; Thermal Printhead long life with 1 year waranty; TSC provides optional extended warranty 3 to 5 years.