BlueStar is proud to announce our new marketing service, VARCOM.   

The new VARCOM program will feature the latest in web, app, social and interactive marketing toolsets as well as many of the proven marketing services offered before. Our strategy is to partner with the top experts in the channel for every aspect of marketing, ensuring your investment enjoys immediate effectiveness at the highest level of efficiency.  Moreover, these partners understand the significance of this value-add program and the need to have quantifiable results that drive sales.

"...We're (Pointy) new to the channel and finding resellers has been a challenge. Jason and Kim organised and executed a great campaign, freeing-up resources internally and allowing our team to make use of BlueStars extensive database, resources, experience and clout. I'd recommend Varcom to an ISV that's looking to connect with new resellers".
- Matt Dockrell

Following are enhanced services to help in growing your business through innovative toolsets:

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing activities draw traffic to your website with informative and educational content designed to benefit your target audience. It is in direct contrast with outbound marketing activities that broadly advertise or broadcast a message hoping it reaches a potential customer. With inbound marketing, you attract prospects that are actively searching for a solution by providing them with educational information designed to help them solve a pain point or challenge.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the most effective and cost-efficient method of advertising directly to customers that are interested in your product or service. Digital Advertising can be targeted geographically, behaviorally, and most importantly targeted to those who have visited your website. Put your brand on thousands of different website such as CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, FOX, local news stations, and thousands of other websites. Measure your ROI with real time analytics of your campaigns, so they can be adjusted for the best results.

Types of Digital Advertising: 

  •  Geographic Targeting: 
Geographic targeting lets you pick a location – like a city, state, zip code, or radius around a specific address – and have your ads shown only within that area. It ensures you only pay for ads targeting prospects who live in the areas your business serves, and gives you the option of expanding your campaigns into new zones when your business grows. Note that you can choose multiple locations if you want to set up separate campaigns, or have more than one location. 
  • Behavioral Targeting:
 Behavioral targeting lets you advertise to people who have taken certain actions that indicate a level of interest or buying intent. Additionally, you can target prospects by industry terms and searches (for example, “buying a home,” “staging a home for sale,” etc).Behavioral targeting is combined with geographic targeting for high-impact advertising delivered at low daily costs. 
  • Retargeting:
Retargeting ads are shown to individuals who have previously visited your website. By targeting prospects who have left your pages without performing a desired action (such as filling out a form or subscribing to your email newsletter), you can get a valuable second chance to earn their business. Retargeting campaigns are flexible, so you can choose how long website visitors continue to see your ads, and on which websites.

Storefront Solutions

  • Build a web presence and drive revenue through online web store and quoting solution
  • Integrated via EDI with BlueStar driving rich content and product information

Enhanced Marketing Bundles

Our enhanced marketing bundles are completely customized with each customer’s unique needs in mind. We offer a wide variety of packages that are created specifically to enhance your marketing needs. Whether you are interested in social media, webinar, or email blast bundles, our team of highly qualified professionals will be sure to listen to your needs and build you a custom campaign that will produce quality leads.