Global Care

BlueStar’s GlobalCare initiative is designed to help partners scale their business. Whether you are expanding your business across a metropolitan area, over an international border, or to a new continent, our unique basket of toolsets and services are designed to aid you in your expansion efforts. Delivering your IT solutions to new customers around the world can quickly become a challenging project, thus strategic and timely planning is a necessity. BlueStar’s GlobalCare team can assist your team from the concept stage to final delivery and execution. Our GlobalCare initiative includes:


A cornerstone of our Value Add is financial services. BlueStar has experience and relationships with international banks and lending institutions across the Americas and EMEA. Our international finance team has the experience to help design a financial plan to support your expansion plans. We can provide international lines of credit or referrals for lines of credit with global banks and financial institutions which will allow for capital investments for you or your customer.

Fulfillment and Logistics

Expand your footprint instantly. BlueStar has decades of warehouse and logistics experience and conducts business on a weekly basis with more than 12,000 partners spanning more than 110 countries. BlueStar can provide fulfillment and logistics to your customers in regions where you do not have a physical presence. We can even provide reverse logistics in most every region where BlueStar operates. Our Distribution Centers are strategically located across the Americas and EMEA, and constructed with value add centers to assist you with any pre-shipment integration and custom configuration services.

Legal / Accounting

Our current legal and accounting teams can assist with international law and accounting concerns. BlueStar retains in-region experienced international legal counsel and accounting firms in the Americas and Europe. Our GlobalCare team offers collaboration services for selecting and establishing new legal and accounting partnerships in North and South America as well as Europe. In many cases, our legal and accounting partners can assist in establishment and registration of your business entity in regions of the world where you do not currently operate.

Custom Configuration

BlueStar Services is another important instrument for our partners to improve margins and gain a competitive edge in delivery of their IT solutions. With our in-house custom configuration department and scalable network of field service providers, we deliver service solutions that fulfill your requirements for projects of any scope. Our field service providers can deliver solutions when and where you need them within the Americas and EMEA, while our custom configuration department can ship to any domestic or international destination serviced via FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Our custom configuration centers can provide installation, professional, warranty, and support services for in-house and remote key injection, WLAN and networking, mPOS, POS, digital signage, RFID, and security projects. We can also assist in branding and custom-packaging services.

Taxes / Government

Navigating regulations, tax codes and government policies can be overwhelming. With experience in dozens of countries the world, our GlobalCare team can help architect a plan to maneuver your growth plans across multiple countries. Your understanding of in-country laws and regulatory policies can provide you a faster path to market and help maintain your margin structure.


Aid in partnering with vendors and ISVs to provide an enhanced global support network.

Language / Cultural / Partnering

As a multi-cultural and multi-national organization, you can leverage BlueStar’s GlobalCare team to expedite market penetration and long-term sustainability in other regions. We understand the complexity of expansion through executing our own growth. We have many in-country professionals throughout EMEA and LATAM who can help guide you through the cultural- and language-related challenges associated with international business. Let us help you by leveraging our experience and knowledge to avoid pitfalls, select the most conducive partners for your type of business, and expedite your progress.

Mergers and Acquisitions

BlueStar has experience with M&A, and it has been instrumental in our own growth strategy. In addition, we pride ourselves on having close partner relationships forged over years. If you have a strategy which includes M&A, we have the experience and network in place to aid in your expansion. BlueStar’s GlobalCare professional team can assist in designing a project plan and time-line for your expansion plans, and we look forward to collaborating on your go-to-market strategies and projects.