Proper identification of drugs, lab samples, blood transfusions, treatments and the patients themselves is vital to healthcare safety. CipherLab mobile computers and scanners help at every step, from admission and automating patient records to drug distribution and supply tracking. Wireless LAN and Bluetooth help caregivers stay where they are needed, at the patient's side. For healthcare, CipherLab is what the doctor ordered.

Mobile Computers

RS31 Series

The next generation touch screen and Android operating system of a smartphone combined with the processing power and durability of classic enterprise mobile computers. 

  • Android 7.0
  • 4.7" Capacitive Touch Panel
  • IP67 Rated
  • 1.2M Multiple Drops
  • Laser, Linear or 2D Imager
  • BT/WiFi

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1500 Series

Powerful, fast, efficient and reliable: the 1500 series offers durability for day in-day out performance. The ergonomic handheld design can render thousands of repetitive scans. Flexible options for communications, positioning and barcode readers means there is a model for every application. Ideal for patient admittance, drug identification and medical billing.


  • Laser, Linear or 2D Imager
  • Corded or Bluetooth Cordless 
  • Adjustable Hands-Free or Auto-Sense Stand
  • Available with Antimicrobial Housing

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1000 Series

An affordable handheld corded device with fast, easy scanning for streamlined workflow. 

  •  Linear Imager
  • Scan Manager Software
  • Read Up to 4MIL Barcodes (1105 Model)
  • 2M Multiple Drops (1100/1105)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • No Moving Parts

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 1600 Series

A compact, pocket-sized Bluetooth scanner offering a variety of readers, the 1600 series is designed for all-day usage whether connected or not. 

  • Laser, Linear or 2D Imager
  • Real-time Bluetooth Transmission (w/Transponder)
  • Able to Store over 240,000 Scans
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Anti-Microbial Option
  • IP42 Rating

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