Rugged Mobile Computers

Mobility Devices

The Mobility work force covers every aspect of today's work force. The following description and chart demonstrate where certain products can be used to address the opportunities across the collar work forces.

White Collar Workers: Those sales management professionals that use consumer grade devices and occasionally may attach a scanning device to those devices. Opportunities for these types of workers would be to provide a more robust data collection device and creation of WLAN and WWAN hotspots.

Grey Collar Workers: These are the mobile professionals at the heart of Mobility solutions being field workers who primary work outside the four walls. They would primary use handheld mobile computers, tablets, mobile printers, or wireless backbone products daily.

Blue Collar Workers: These would be primarily associated with warehouse and dock workers and would not necessary require WWAN communications and would be inside the four walls.

Black Collar Workers: This is a term that will be used for all other potential users of mobility devices or specialty devices that may require roughed, specific industry ratings, intrinsically safe or specialty computing devices.

Type of devices Explanation: 

  • PDA = Traditional data collection device with built in leyboard and display
  • Router = Wireless routers that supply WWAN and WLAN connectivity
  • PDAPhone = Device being marketed as combination PDA and smartphone

MVP Vendors

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