2017 Innovative Solutions Tour

BlueStar is excited to bring you, our value-added resellers, the Channel’s ONLY Solutions Tour!  Our customers spoke, and we listened – you want more vendors, more solutions, a panel discussion, and an exciting venue!  Well, we’re here to deliver with the Innovative Solutions Tour.

With 6 shows planned in the US, we’ll be highlighting solutions for POS, ADC, RFID, Digital Signage and more, all while featuring IoT, Mobility, and mPOS products from 15 of our top vendor lines!  And new to our roadshow agenda this year is the Panel Discussion, featuring representatives from a few of our vendor partners.

Panel Discussions: IoT, Mobility, Opportunities in ADC to POS & everything in-between

Today, IoT has evolved to indicate advanced connectivity of products, systems and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications.  VARs often are left to speculate how their work fits into this picture.  We have all heard that the IoT will be the next big wave of the Internet, growing from 5B to 50B connected devices by 2020.  Yet adoption has been slow as users struggle to find reasons to pay for services that they don’t see the compelling need for.  Is smart phone mobility the catalyst the market needs to grow by 10x?  Where are the opportunities for VARS in IoT?  Through an open dialogue and panel discussion, we will explore how IoT is changing the channel and opportunities that are presented.  We will explore these questions and more through a diverse and informed panel discussion followed by a Q&A session.

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