2018 Innovative Solutions Tour

BlueStar is excited to bring you, our value-added resellers, the Channel's ONLY Solutions Tour! Our customers spoke, and we listened – you want more vendors, more solutions, round table discussions, and an exciting venue! Well, we're here to deliver with the Innovative Solutions Tour.

With 6 shows planned in the US, we'll be highlighting solutions for POS, ADC, RFID, Digital Signage and more, all while featuring IoT, Mobility, and mPOS products from our top manufacturers! And new to our roadshow agenda this year are industry expert-led presentations on payment processing and networking, as well as interactive round table discussions.

Growth Snapshot – Condensed Presentation on Top Line Growth in Payments and Networking Solutions

Every reseller is looking for ways to grow their top line sales and improving their bottom line without adding costs. These short 15 minute sessions will deliver BlueStar's initiative in Payments and Networking, giving you key insights on how to expand your business and solutions to make it even easier!

Round Table Discussions

Let's get down to business, period. The round table discussions are topic driven sessions designed to get the issues, trends and questions on the table, then talk collaboratively about how businesses can adjust, overcome and drive new incremental revenue.

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 Not all manufacturers listed will be exhibiting at every show.  For a list of the specific participating vendors at each location, please click on that city to view the registration page. 



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