Why ProClip?

ProClip offers Experience and Expertise in the design and manufacturing of high quality mobile device mounting solutions. With over 30 years of experience, there is arguably no one in the industry better equipped to help you address the unique device mounting challenges faced by today’s increasingly mobile enterprise. In every industry and sector, mobile devices have become critical to business operations. Mobile Computers and Tablets are now a valuable asset in trucks, forklifts and on the retail counter. ProClip provides dependable device mounting and charging solutions for the latest smartphones, tablets, mobile computers, handheld scanners and mobile printers. Choose ProClip custom holders and mounts to keep your device securely mounted, charged and ready to go to work.

The ProClip Advantage

Offer your customers more with a ProClip mounting solution:

Ready to Deploy: Hundreds of custom holders and charging cradles for the latest smartphones, tablets and mobile computers. 

Vehicle-Specific: Choose a sturdy dashboard mount custom designed for a perfect fit to each vehicle in your fleet.

Custom Mount Design: If we do not already have the device mount you require, we welcome your custom product request.

Built to Order: Precision machining vs Injection Molding allows us to build as many or as few units as you require for your project.

Commitment to Serve: The B2B Team at Proclip is 100% committed to the success of our reseller partners as they strive to meet the needs of their clients.

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