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The PhoeniXSentry Difference

Most companies cannot afford the security resources to maintain vigilance 24/7/365. As a stop-gap measure, most resort to a router, firewall or other security device, have it set it up once and leave it to do its job. The problem is the dynamic nature of networks and Internet traffic that requires constant vigilance against cyber criminals. In addition, off-the-shelf devices do not meet compliance standards nor are they configured to meet an individual businesses security needs. To make them so requires expensive resources and again, constant vigilance. PhoeniXSentry was built from the ground up based on security best practices and PCI rules which exceed HIPAA guidelines, so customers benefit by having security and compliance out of the box!

How PhoeniXSentry Secures A Business

Leveraging a cloud based management system and award-winning security appliance that is supplied to the end user, the device arrives on site already configured specifically for your customers Internet work flow and security demands. Once the unit goes live, all IT traffic is monitored and managed under strict rules and policies, ensuring the business remains secure and is meeting compliance mandates such as the PCI DSS, HIPAA and others. When combined with an optional third-party QSA Bundle, PhoeniXSentry can help address more than 97 percent of all PCI DSS obligations.

Affordable Network Protection

PhoeniXSentry is delivered as a subscription service which enables your customers to receive the highest levels of Internet security while meeting their regulatory compliance requirements. Resellers of PhoeniXSentry are afforded the following benefits:

  • Recurring revenue stream for resellers
  • High profitability
  • Ensures continuous PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory compliance
  • Equipment is supplied to the end user and is already configured for their specific requirements
  • Flexible administration, support and billing models available
  • Reduces partner risk and liability for security incidents
  • Requires no additional resources to deploy, manage or maintain
  • Highly scalable to meet the needs of single sites to thousands of locations

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